Make it: Drawstring Laundry Bag

Its January and so what better time to clear out all your stuff, organise what's left and of course try your hand at that Learn how to sew, or Sew more things resolution you keep putting on your list every... damn...  year.  Don't worry we all do it, mine is make more clothes, currently have a stash of at least 4 patterns and fabric sitting in a corner... and that's from last year!

So, if you are looking to learn to sew as you got a cracking Sewing machine for Christmas, or just want to sort out all your stuff into neat piles, then this Drawstring Bag could be just what you are after.  We made ours into a Laundry Bag, but it could be made for shoes, bags or even that fabric stash.  It is also just about the right size to hide your small children in when you just need some space, but not recommended!

You will need: 1.5x1.5m Fabric, I chose to use two but you could just use one if you like. (for mine I used 0.5x1.5m of the grey waffle and 0.75x1.5m of the mint fleece backed scuba), Scissors, Pinking shears, sewing clips/pins, tape measure, cord and Bodkin/Safety Pin (not pictured).
Firstly you will have to decide how big you want your drawstring bag to be as this will determine the size of your circle and length of the upper part of the bag.  I used a circle size of 47cm diameter to give a large base.  I then had to get my maths brains out and the Diameter x Pie gives you the length you need to go around.  So mine was just over 147.5cm, I am sure all the maths people will give me the correct denominations, but for these purposes I think you may forgive me.

As I was using two different fabrics, I wanted to sew these together first to make one piece.  If you are using just one fabric then of course you can skip this step. I used 50 x 147.5cm of the grey waffle and 25 x 147.5cm of the mint scuba.
I used my sewing clips rather than pins as I was using this lovely scuba material and didn't want to see the pin holes.  Sewing them right sides together of course to make my large piece.
Afterwards I used the pinking shears to make sure that the fabric did not unravel as the waffle fabric was starting to fray and so I decided to stop it in its tracks.
I made the channel in the top of the grey waffle fabric for the cord to run through.  I folded the top of the fabric over by 2.5cm and sewed along the lower edge, creating a channel.  Making sure of course to leave a gap of roughly 5cm for the cord to come through.
Having pre-cut my circle out of the mint scuba, I was ready to assemble.
I used my sewing clips once again to go around the edge, making sure that right sides were together.  Running fabric around a circle can be tricky and so my tip would be to find the 4 quarter points and then smooth in between them to create the straight fabric joining the circle.  Once you have finished clipping ( and you may have to have a few go's at this) you can sew it up.
Now for the cord, using a bodkin or safety pin attached to one end of the cord.  Thread the cord through the channel you created earlier.  Then once it is all through you can take the bodkin or safety pin off.  I would suggest creating knots at the end of your cord larger than your channel so that it doesn't run through it, or leave it long like mine.
You are then finished, ready to put all your dirty laundry away or stash whatever bits and pieces you want into it.  As I said its a really simple way to create bags that can be used for anything.  It was the P.E. kit bag when I was little, but you could also make it into a backpack or leave it how it is.
What do you think? What would you make yours into?  Tell us in the comments below.  I have also linked to the fabric that I used in the 'You will need' section as that fleece backed mint scuba material is super dreamy and I really wanted to use it for something! Also if there is anything you want us to make, do let us know and we can see if we can make it happen.


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