Make it: Anthro Inspired Headband

Anyone who knows me will know that I love Anthropologie and I have been loving these embellished bow headbands that have been popping up over there recently. They are gorgeous, but I really wanted a January friendly everyday version that I can wear when I have a second-day hair messy bun day. So I do what I always do when I can't find what I want, I DIY, and I thought you might be interested in seeing how you can make your own too. 

you will need, a regular Alice band, 25cm of a fabric of your choice ( I used two different materials but you can use the same for top and underneath), thread, glue, marking pencil, template (download mine here) scissors and, an iron. 

Step 1. Use the template, to draw out the bow shape on to the back of the outer fabric. 
Step 2. cut out the shape about 1cm away from the line you have drawn, this will be the line you can follow when you sew. 
Step 3. Use this shape as a template for the underneath layer, draw and cut out the underneath layer. 
Step 4. Cut a long thin strip twice as wide as the hairband you are using and 3cm longer than the template. Fold in the long edges to the centre and iron them down to hold them in place.
Step 5. Lay the folded strip down the centre of the underneath layer and sew along both long edges close to the fold. 
Step 6. Place the top layer with right sides together on to the underneath layer and stitch along the long curved edges. Leave the short ends open and a small section in the centre of one side to turn it right side out.

Step 7. Trim away a triangle of fabric in the centre of the dips and cut slits along the curves. Then turn the bow right side out through the gap you left in the middle. 
Step 8. cut yourself a small strip of fabric to use as the centre of the bow and sew the short ends together to make a loop.
Step 9. Turn the loop right-side out then thread the loop over the bow until it's in the centre. Pop a stitch in to hold it in place. 
Step 10. Thread your headband through the channel in the underneath of the bow.
Step 11. Pop a small blob of glue on the end of the headband and slide it into the end of the bow.
Step 12. Fold over the extra fabric at the end of the channel and stitch it in place to cover the raw end of the headband and fabric bow. 

There you have it! I love these so much, and the possibilities for design are endless! Of course, you can add some embellishments if you want to, sequins or embroidery, whatever takes your fancy. Or even use a printed fabric for a fun patterned look. 

I also made myself a cheeky denim version, because, well denim! I feel like I am going to be wearing these all spring and summer long. I am totally making myself a velvet version for the autumn too!

What are your favourite hair accessories right now? I would love to know.
Sammy xxx

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