January Favourites

The end of what always feels like the longest month of the year is almost here and Payday is so close we can taste it! Here is what has been getting us through...

Living for...
We both love a quick scroll on Instagram and these are the fun peps that always get out likes right now...

Cant get enough of @Rosalilium Elizabeth's beautiful realness right now and @Rachelemmastudio feed is all kinds of wedding stationery pretty and I'm already married. As for Charlotte @bettymagazine and her stories, obsessed! 

@Allison Sadler - obvs - because she is all kinds of real awesomeness and @Surrey Art School brings calming inspiration to otherwise hectic days.

My Custom Made Coloro necklace that H bought me for Christmas goes with everything! Is it bad to say that I am obsessed with my own Sewdiac T-shirts? I don't think so! and these
Dakota Rae Dust tassel earrings are at the top of my wishlist right now.

I am dying to get my hands on one of these ZOZ pots Blue Green Mugs, definitely on my Birthday list for this year. along with a Geo-Fleur Concrete Plant pot and stand. I can't wait for the next issue of  Caboodle Magazine pre-order the next issue now!
I am doing lots of sewing at the moment but I am looking forward to taking a break and making some new ornaments for my bedroom, these hanging decorations from Fall For DIY are at the top of my to do's.

I have been getting back into painting so these Pearlescent Water Colour Pallet are in my Amazon basket right now because why not, they so pretty.

What are your faves this month, Who are you following on Insta? What are you saving up for? how are you combatting the January slump?

Sammy and H