Have yourself an Independent Christmas

We know we always bang on about this, but its for very good reason, promise.  If everyone just bought one small thing this Christmas from an independent shop it would make all the difference to making sure that we keep small businesses afloat!

So as we do every year, we will be buying independent this year and more importantly throughout the year we will be doing so as much as we can, just to show support and of course get some lovely things to boot.

At this time of year there are some great markets to help you out too and so we thought that why not share.  If you are unable to go to any of these, then please do remember you can usually find the stall holder list on the websites and so do browse the stalls and you of course could just go straight to the maker that way.

Just don't forget that they will need to make your item and so give them plenty of time and of course don't forget about those postage dates to get it all delivered on time .... and if you are anything like me, who is just all a little last minute, some of them even have next day delivery postage costs too!

First up and this weekend coming from 30 November to 2 December 2018 there is going to be the Etsy Made Local markets across the UK and you can find where you local one is here.  We will be making our way to the London Local Etsy market as some of our faves are going to be there, so we couldn't miss out.

If you happen to be around in London the following weekend on the 8th December, there is the House of Illustration Winter Fair in Kings Cross too, which looks pretty good.

Just close by will also be the Crafty Fox Market and so you can hit up two markets in one day!  They are open from the 7th to 9th December but also have other markets in December in London in case you fancy those instead.

and lastly of the London Fairs is Renegade, which as you know has been a long time favourite of ours. As usual it takes place at Truman Brewery in East London and is over the weekend of the 15th & 16th December.

Now, if you are anywhere else in the country you may wonder where you should visit, well apart from all the different Etsy Local markets across the UK we mentioned above you could try Bath Christmas Market, Lincoln Christmas Market or Winchester Christmas Market to get you in the Christmas spirit.

So fill your independent boots this Christmas and just think how many happy elves you can make!

H & Sammy

Please note: Images are from selected websites and not our own, apart from the first image.  Blog post includes information on London Local Etsy market which #gifted some items to us for inclusion.

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Live it: Letterpress printing with Inky and the Beast

Well hello, have you all been enjoying the summer weather over in the UK!?  It's been a bit too hot for us, but then nothing a swimming pool wouldn't fix!  oh to be on holiday!

Anyway, we are throwing it back a bit now and looking at a workshop we went to in June - seems like such a long time ago - with Inky and the Beast.  The lovely Jen has a lovely big studio at the end of her garden which means she can take people in to learn all about the art of Letterpress printing!  This is something that we both have wanted to do for ages.  Both being Design students when we met, we both get silly excited about paper thickness, print and type!  So this workshop was perfect for us!

February Favourites

A little late this month but we are still crushing hard on all these lives, loves and makes. Here is what has been getting us through all the snow days.

Mini Make it: Paper straw letter art

There is a mini make for you this week, this simple to do, Straw letter art.  Its the perfect make for a little time out and to make for a children's bedroom or making a big letter word for decoration.

A day trip to ... London

We are starting a new thing here and hope you like it.  We thought that as we have been to a fair few cities across the country and the globe over the years, it might be great to share with you some places and things we love to do while travelling around and you may even have been to them all, never been there or think, now why would I go there!  Now, not all of these will be quick one day stops, there may be 24 hour versions, a quick hop over the water versions and of course home grown, things to do with your day off in your nearest city versions.  But isn't that the beauty of adventures, they can be as long or short and as near or far as you like.

Make it: Anthro Inspired Headband

Anyone who knows me will know that I love Anthropologie and I have been loving these embellished bow headbands that have been popping up over there recently. They are gorgeous, but I really wanted a January friendly everyday version that I can wear when I have a second-day hair messy bun day. So I do what I always do when I can't find what I want, I DIY, and I thought you might be interested in seeing how you can make your own too. 

January Favourites

The end of what always feels like the longest month of the year is almost here and Payday is so close we can taste it! Here is what has been getting us through...

When Tidying Actually is Life Changing

Before you laugh it off (like I did) and say 'wtf do I need with some Japanese lady telling me how to tidy' or 'yeah right as if clearing out your wardrobe can be life-changing' I want to tell you my story and how this book has affected me in the last four months. I'm sure if you have been reading this blog for a while you will know that I (Sammy) am not a naturally tidy human. I am prone to spill, and I am a hoarder (I prefer to say collector but let's be serious I hoard). So when my Business Coach, Els, suggested that I read the ‘most’ famous book about tidying after our first real session back in September I was a little confused. But I dutifully ordered myself a copy from Amazon and waited for it to arrive. 

Make it: Drawstring Laundry Bag

Its January and so what better time to clear out all your stuff, organise what's left and of course try your hand at that Learn how to sew, or Sew more things resolution you keep putting on your list every... damn...  year.  Don't worry we all do it, mine is make more clothes, currently have a stash of at least 4 patterns and fabric sitting in a corner... and that's from last year!

Things learnt from 2017

I don't know about you but this time of year can be both full of promise and dread!  Things do not magically change just because the next year has rolled around and so while there are many people thinking of resolutions and what they can do better, there are just as many of us, if not more, that think well, we just keep doing what we do right? or why does everything have to be suddenly amazing, and what happens if its not amazing?!? Should we then fall in a heap and wail that our year is going crap so far, so whats the point!