OMG! We are in an Actual Book

So, spoiler alert in the title there. This month the newest addition to the Mollie Makes book library is published and we were invited to create two exclusive projects to be featured. Alongside, some of our industry buddies we have two projects featured in Mollie Makes - How to Sew.  Goals right there people, goals!

The big goal of writing our own book is still up there but being featured in such a gorgeous book and working with the lovely guys over at Pavilion was a really fun way to dip our feet in the waters of what it takes to be published. Oh and OMG, our are faces are actually on Amazon! One of our pages is the 'look inside' page! Just us that are geeking out over that then, maybe!

If you had told us six years ago that in one month we would have tutorials in two magazines, a book-zine and a book we would have laughed and told you to keep dreaming. This blog was never meant to be anything but a hobby for us, it isn't a business, we don't earn a wage from it at all. It is our baby and we love it but we both have day jobs that we are passionate about too.
We started out wanting a place to share and we are so lucky that we have been able to do that. We hope that we can continue to share with you all, without your friendship and support, things like this just wouldn't be possible.
Having taken it a little slower over the last six months we have been stocking up ideas and plans for the future and can't wait to have you all be a part of it with us.

Grab your own copy of Mollie Makes How to Sew, on Amazon now and if you don't already get Mollie Makes - there is a subscription link in our sidebar for you.

H and Sammy xxx

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