Creative Meet-ups

Recently there has become a bit of a trend to meet-up with other creatives like you for some good old fashioned down time - and we like it. One thing that most creatives do is work by themselves a large part of the time.  They might be full-time working from home or doing a side-line hustle in creating their dream career, but whatever it is, they will most likely need to have a chat with some like-minded people along the way.

Now that's not to say that all creative people need other creative friends all of the time, but sometimes they just get it, that little bit more.  They know how you feel when you wake up in the morning with a brilliant idea and scribble it down in a notebook, or get the fear every time you put out a new product or blog post.  They even get it when you want to document your life through Instagram and it be fun, but then worry your not posting at the right time or interesting to other people, because well, the algorithm!

It is also great to have some downtime away from all the things, but be around like minded people who can help your brain weed through all the stuff and get some sense from discussing it.  Sometimes.  Or just realising by saying it out loud that it just really isn't going to work.

Then, there is the pure fact that we all like to surround ourselves with lovely people and so why not have a meet-up with some of those lovely people.  The ones that usually send you positive vibes in your phone are going to be just as lovely in real life.  We had the pleasure of a little meet-up with the lovely Claire from Claireabellemakes and Kate from DaphneRosa in Cambridge last weekend and it was great to chat creative life as well as just plain the normal stuff and a little random along the way.

We all have the friends that are best at certain aspects of our life, the one you go out out with, the one you tell your deepest thoughts, the one you would watch Pitch perfect with and also there are the ones who you talk creative life stuff with.  I am lucky in that most of these things I get to do with Sammy as my bestie, but we also like to chat to other like-minded people too, I mean we like each other but sometimes we get lost in our own thoughts too.

Who do you like to hang out with for creative joy?  We love catching up with other people at events, so do give us a holla if you see us!   Do you guys ever need a good old catch-up with like-minded people or do you love the escapism of having friends who do the exact opposite of what you do - we love this too.  Aren't we allowed to have it all??? he he.

H, xxx

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