Make it: Business Card Holder

Well hello there and welcome to another tutorial, just a small one today and it was inspired by last weeks National Stationery Week.  Something I have been meaning to do for a long while was to sort out all the business cards I pick up at all the craft fairs we go to.  I love to be able to go through the cards when looking for designers/makers to talk to for the blog and of course for present inspiration for my friends and family.

So, why not show you what I have done in the simplest of forms, so that you can make your own version at home or at work.

You will need:  Card (I went for green pastel so that it stands out a bit more against most of the white cards), Pencil, Thick Pen (I used a calligraphy pen to make them stand out), Scapel or scissors, ruler and a container/box - mine was from Muji.

The first step I did was to decide how big I wanted my index cards to be.  I was originally thinking that they could be just as long as the business cards themselves, but then decided as to not waste card, I could just divide up the A4 card into 70x70mm sized pieces, so that I could get 12 cards out of one A4 sheet.

I knew that I wanted to have the index tab sitting up and so I made a template that was 70x60mm with pencil marks at every roughly 12mm, so that I could work out how big my tabs were going to be.  I used the template to make a 10mm tall tab on each of the cards.

Then on each of the index cards I marked where I wanted the tab to sit on each card.  Making sure that each letter was staggered from the next one.

I managed to mark 6 tabs and so I made sure I made 4 of each with the same tab placement to make 24 cards, as I knew I wanted to put 'XYZ' on one tab.

Then, using my Calligraphy pen, I added the letters to each of the tabs - handwriting is not my forte, so you'll have to forgive me, something to work on.  Of course the fun part of making sure all of my cards are in order was next to put them all in the box.  You could always make your own box out of cereal box and then cover it if you want, but I already had this box from where I used to dump the business cards in before.

I hope you enjoyed this little quick DIY.  We are back on form - hopefully, from now on so thank you to those for bearing with us.

Do let us know if there are any tutorials you would like us to make, we have plenty of new ideas, thank god, but its always good to know if you guys want something in particular we can help you to make.


P.S. see if you can spot the little error on my calendar - oops!

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