Live it: Our Handmade Fair Mollie Mash-up Adventure

What a weekend we have just had!  In a flurry of craft related goodness we went up to Warwickshire for The Handmade Fair at Ragley Hall.  This wasn't just a visit to see some of our favourite crafters though, we were up against Fran from Fall for DIY on the Mollie Makes Mash-up stage. eeeeek.  We were also in great company as the Lovely Mr X Stitch had been involved in Fridays Mash-up and Chinelo Bally & Lauren Guthrie from the Sewing Bee were part of Saturdays Mash-up.

The Ragley Hall venue was a first for The Handmade Fair team and so it was smaller than the Hampton Court set-up, but of course our favourite Churros were there, so that is always a bonus.

We got our passes when we first got there and had a little wander around the site, being very restrained and possibly just really nervous!  We knew we would be on stage towards the end of the day and saw that the Super Theatre tent was smaller than we had thought, so our nerves got a little calmer.  We caught up with some crafting friends at the bar and then sat in the lovely sunshine waiting for our time on stage.

Then our time came up!  The lovely Cath from Mollie Makes took us around to the back of the stage to get ready and feel very Madonna with our mics'.  We knew in advance what we would be making on stage a wreath - sorry to spoil the fun and had a sort-of theme in mind, but its not until you are on stage with it all that you realise what you are meant to be doing! ha ha.  The Mash-ups were kindly sponsored by Hobbycraft too, so all the treats.

We went for a very Haberdashery theme, with lace, threads, ribbons and sewing tools.  With two of us doing it though do you think that would have helped or hindered.  Its great being able to craft together but with a 45 min timer going off behind us it was definitely crafting to the clock and not really being able to chat as the lovely Cath was asking us questions along the way.

The Lovely Fran on the other side of the stage was making a paper and gold guided wreath - obviously we didn't see this till later.  Cath was asking us questions about blogging and crafting and we got a few questions from the lovely audience who had stayed till the end of the end.  Then quick as a flash it was all over.  The audience got to vote with their claps and Fran was the well deserved winner - congrats Fran.

It was so much fun to be on stage and with Fran and Cath too, made it very much less scary.  It was great to have the time pressure, but I don't think I would want it all the time, ha ha.

We wanted to say a huge thanks to Fran and Mollie Makes alongside The Handmade fair for letting us have such a fun day.  The next Handmade Fair is at Hampton Court again in September if you fancy going along.

H, xxx

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