A day in the life of Sammy

Back in January H shared what a day in her life was like, so now it is my turn to share with you what I get up to in a day. Since we closed our retail shop just over 19 months ago my day to day routine has completely changed. Over the past year, this has become my perfect routine, for now, anyway, this is how it is working for me. This is obviously a normal working day at Sew Crafty HQ and I do have days where this routine is thrown out with meetings and appointments but I, unless something comes up this, is how I spend most of my working week. 

8.30 am: I try to get up at with my alarm and head to the bathroom, have a big glass of water and wash my face. Then I head downstairs to feed the cats and do half an hour on our cross trainer or workout DVD. I have to do exercise in the morning or it doesn't happen.  

9.15 am After that is out of the way, it's in the kitchen for breakfast, usually coffee, homemade granola with coconut milk or eggs on toast. 

9.45 am I head back upstairs and shower, brush my teeth and morning skin care routine.

10 am Next, I get dressed and head to my Craft room/ home office and check emails, If I'm going out I will put on makeup and do my hair, if not I will check out Pinterest, or quickly reply to some emails.

10.15 am Mum will come over and pick me up, and we head to Sew Crafty HQ. I will usually have a cup of tea, work on emails, paperwork, bills, invoicing, taxes etc whilst Mum is packing up orders until lunch time.

1.30-2 pm We head to the kitchen and sort out some food, usually turkey sandwiches, falafel salad, avocado toast or soup (I love soup, homemade if possible) a quick Instagram scroll, a magazine flip or a book chapter later, and it's back to work.

2pm afternoons are usually reserved for sorting out stock, photographing, listing products on the website or photo editing. 

4 pm We usually have a tea break and have a scroll through Pinterest or Mum shows me articles from the paper that she thinks I might like, She is so cute like that.

6 pm After dealing with the last few chores, emails and blog posts Mum and I will head home.

6.30-7pm I will make dinner for Steve and I while we catch up on what has happened that day, sort out the dishwasher, washing and other boring adult stuff oh and feed the cats.

8 pm Free time, Steve (My husband) and I will usually watch a movie or catch up on a tv show we have been watching, that is if the cats are sitting on my lap and I am unable to move! If not I usually head up to my office and work on a blog post or do some sewing.

11.30 pm I head into the bathroom and take off my makeup, brush my teeth then head to bed.

As you can see nothing too spectacular or out of the ordinary, but I love my life now. I am more in control of how I organise my day. I don't feel like I am playing catchup all the time. It is easier to schedule in time for myself and time to spend with My husband. I am still figuring out how to balance everything, but I am on my way to finding my happy place.

Sammy x

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