Planners to try for 2017


We are back!  A nice long break for us, which included lots of family time and both of us getting ill!  So that's always nice, hence the slightly longer absence from you guys!

How are you?  Did you have lots of fun and enjoy eating your way through the fridge?

Thought we would dive back into it with a guide to a few of those planners that people keep on talking about.  Have you already got the planner bug?  Sammy is a big fan and I am getting into it, although I must admit, my trusty notebook still goes around everywhere with me.  But these planners are great for a little extra motivation (especially at this time of year) and help you think objectively about where you want to get to over the days and months to the end of the year.

So, first up is the Happiness Planner, its long been a favourite of ours, just due to the fact that it wants to keep you Happy, all year long!  There are lots of different versions but the 100 day Happiness planner might be a great one to get you started.  Plus it comes in dreamy colours!

Next up is the Hello Day planner that aims to get us working towards our dreams and goals.  Its a thick chunky one so perhaps one for the desk or for a very big handbag, but its super fun all the same and comes in Smudge or Carrara, which basically means either the black pattern or marble pattern, but I like the idea of choosing your planner personality.

If you like to keep things a bit more simple with a specific planner for motivation, goals, mindfulness etc, then these Kikki.K planners might be just for you.   There is pretty much one for everyone and as they call it their inspiration collection, I think they might be onto something.

Lastly, but definitely not least is the Dream, Plan, Do planner, which many of you will have seen on Instagram I am sure as it seems to be the planner of choice this year.  Started via a kickstarter campaign by the people behind The Design Trust, this planner will get you thinking strategically and creatively about your business.  This one seems to be the one most people are coveting this year and wanting to take their business to the next level, so if that's you, then it might be just the one for you.

So, a large array there, from the fun to the business case, I am sure there must be a planner for you.  Even if it is there to collect your thoughts and help you think more, feel more and be more creative, then its always a good thing.

Have you picked up a planner this year, which one have you gone for?  There are so many to choose from it is difficult, but so so pretty all the same.
H, xxx

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