Make it: Disney inspired Mouse Ears

Our first tutorial of 2017 and its a nice simple one to get you back into the swing of things.  It also is inspired by all the Disney adventures I saw over the last few months of 2016.  Clearly Disney is still the place to go and so why not make your own ears, for your own adventures or even just to wear around the house!

You will need: Wool, headband, pom pom maker or two bits of card to go old school, scissors and a glue gun.  Told you this one would be simple.
Now, if you haven't already got yourself a pom pom maker, I can certainly recommend you do.  It makes them so quick to make and is totally addictive!  If you have never used one before then take a look at the steps, if you have one or are a proficient pom pom maker - then you can skip to the next part!

Step 1: Open up both sides of your pom pom maker, so that you are ready to go.
Step 2: start to wind around your wool on one of the sides.  The thicker wool you use, the quicker it is and so you can make sooooo many pom poms in one evening/train journey!
Step 3: Once you have wound around the wool to the top of the sides, then close it up and start on the other side to repeat the winding.
Step 4: Cut the wool through the edge so that it comes loose from where it has been wound and tie another piece of wool around the middle to keep the pom pom together.
Step 5: Pull off each side of the pom pom maker.  I find slightly twisting it helps.  
Step 6: Puff up the pom pom and trim up any longer edges to make a perfect round.

Pom poms done!
Then onto the part where you put it all together.

Step 7: Push the wool open so that you can see where the tie is in the middle, this makes it easier to attach it to the headband.
Step 8: Using a glue gun (or you could use fabric glue) mine has a setting that is cooler so perfect for projects like this. Add glue to the headband and then attach your line of wool to it and hold for a minute until it cools and sets.
Step 9: Add the other pom pom to make your ears, try and make sure they are spread apart enough so that you can see they are ears.
Step 10: You are done, Mouse ears are ready to wear.

 I think these would look great on the streets of Disney, but also I might use mine for holding hair back when doing my make-up as who doesn't need a bit of Disney to cheer up a morning!

We hope you like this tutorial, if there is anything you would like to see us make then do let us know in the comments or on social media.  If you make these don't forget to #livelovemake so we can take a look.


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