January Spicy food post

What better way to kick off the January blues, than by getting your spice on and trying something new this winter.

Also, all these lovely treats were found on the Good Food website (not sponsored) which is a regular place to find recipes for me.

First up is this amazing Jollof rice recipe with plantain, which if you haven't had it, I recommend you try it.  Now I am sure that if anyone has a recipe that has been handed down to them by amazing relatives, this recipe is not needed.  But for me, it is a great place to start.

Next up, is this lovely Moroccan stew which looks like a great feasting meal for a party and should keep most people happy if they are not into too much spicy food.

I have been having a craving for mussels more recently, but struggle when they use a creamy sauce, so this one with tomatoes and chilli looks perfect.

And lastly but not least is this Soweto chilli which is just my thing, spicy, colourful and all kinds of looks amazing.

Which one looks to be your favourite? I can't choose, obviously!