Make it: Fabric House Advent Calendar on Skillshare

If you have been following us on social media you will already know that we published our first tutorial on Skillshare last week! I know, right!

You may be wondering, what is Skillshare? well it is 'a learning community where anyone can discover, take, or even teach a class.'  Basically you can watch people teach you about all sorts of things from how to use photoshop, how to make a craft project and what paint to use to make a picture.  Sounds great then really.

We have been writing tutorials for the blog and running workshops for so long now and we thought why not give videos a go!  I mean, we are one step away from actually publishing more on our you tube channel - its there and there is one video, promise!

So what better thing to do a tutorial for than this ever so cute Fabric House Advent Calendar ready for all those 1st December walls.  You can go and view the Fabric House Advent Calender video over on our Skillshare page and it is only $0.99 to sign up for a 3 month premium membership which gives you all the video fun for about a pound!  lovely.  Then if you want to learn more you can sign up for longer.

We are going to put more tutorials up, some longer projects and some shorter ones, but do let us know if there is something you want to learn about from us.

We hope you like the project and don't forget the #livelovemake if you put a picture of your finished project on social media as we would love to see it.

H & Sammy, xxx

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