Make it: Cute Bunny Toy

Gifts for the little ones this time of year can be so hard, just another plastic toy so soon to be discarded seems such a waste of money. I always like to make something for my niece because although her parents aren't really 'handmade people' I know that she will love it. This year I have made her an advent calendar but she will have that before Christmas so to open on the day I wanted to give her a little handmade friend that she could play with. This little bunny toy is so simple to put together but makes a gorgeous gift for the little ones. Also, being made from cotton fabric there are literally thousands of options for colours and prints to choose from.

You will need: Bunny Template, 2 pieces of cotton fabric 25cm x 30cm, a felt square, thread, scissors, toy stuffing, embroidery thread, pen and needles.

Step 1. Download the template, print it off and cut it out. With your two pieces of fabric, right sides facing, draw around the edges of the template with a fabric marker.
Step 2. Take away the template and pin the layers together.  
Step 3. Take it to your sewing machine and sew around, following the line that you drew leaving a small gap along one side of the bunny body. 
Step 4. Cut around the bunny shape about 5-7mm from the line you have stitched. Cut small slits in the edges around all the curves. 
Step 5. Turn the whole thing right-side out and stuff with loose toy stuffing, making sure to push the stuffing right to the tips of the ears and right down into the arms and feet.
Step 6. Once your bunny is all stuffed, hand stitch the gap closed.
Step 7. Cut a kidney bean shape just smaller than the head out of white felt to make the face and hand.   Embroider some eyes and a nose shape. Also, cut a small circle or heart out of white felt to make a tail.
Step 8. Finish off by hand stitching the felt pieces in place on your bunny.
And there she is, a super cute, easy toy with bundles of character! Just imagine if you made this out of an old favourite piece of the recipients clothing? Or beloved bedding that has seen better days? It would make it even more special. I reduced down the template to make a little friend for my big bunny to give to a friend of mine who is having a baby soon too, he is just as cute right!
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Sammy xxx

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