Make it: Faux-dori Notebook Planner

We are back with a fresh DIY for the new season; I am fast becoming a planner addict, but I needed to kerb my spending and find a way to use up some of my already huge stationery stash. When I got a travel planner as a gift a few months ago, I realised I could use up all those piles of thin notebooks if I made myself some of my own Midori style planners.  So today I am going to share how I made two of my favourite's.

You will need - Medium weight card, a pencil, ruler, scissors, glue, two fabrics of your choice (approx a fat quarter of each), sewing clips, round elastic and decorative elastic, a hole punch, thread and a sewing machine.
Step 1. Start by taking your notebook and placing it onto your cardboard and measure 2cm all the way around the edges, then flip it over to mark up the other side. Cut out that piece.
Step 2. Mark up the centre lines and cut a second piece the same size as the first.
Step 3. Curve off the corners either using a punch or just with scissors.
Step 4. If you want to add some storage flaps, use the main pieces to draw out some strips and cut them out.
Step 5. You should now have an inside, outside and any storage flaps you want, cut in card.
Step 6. Place your card pieces down onto your fabrics and with a 2.5cm/1 inch border cut out your fabric.  Do the same for the inside pieces and any storage flaps you have cut as well.

Step 7. Take each of your card pieces and their matching fabric pieces and glue all the way around then fold over your fabric and stick it down.
Step 8. Take care to fold over the corners over the rounded edges.
Step 9. Sew along the straight edge of any flaps you have.
Step 10. Sandwich your inner layer, flaps and outer layer together, then clip everything in place. If you don't have sewing clips you can use paper clips or pinch clips.
Step 11. Sew all the way around the outside edge of all your layers, try and keep about 3-5mm from the edge for a nice neat finish.
Step 12. Punch two holes at the top and bottom of your folder. Try and place them either side of the centre fold. then punch one hole in the centre on the fold.

Step 13. Take some small scissors and neaten up the holes you have punched.
Step 14. Thread the round elastic through one of the double holes from the inside out and back through the other hole twice before tieing a flat knot and trimming away any excess.
Step 15. Take your pretty elastic and roughly measure it around the width of your folder.
Step 16. Thread the ends of your pretty elastic through from the outside and tie a knot to hold it in place on the inside of the folder.
Step 17. Open out your notebooks to the centre pages and thread it onto the elastic.
Step 18. You can continue to add notebooks to fill out your planner or just stick to two or three.

I have made an A5 and A6 version so far and I am in love with them. I have plans to make a few more for Christmas presents for all my planner friends. The fabric combinations are endless, they look really cute on my desk and who doesn't love new stationery!!

Sammy xxx

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