Make it: Cushions 3 ways

We thought it was about time we upped the home factor here on the blog, after all Autumn is all about getting comfortable and perhaps nesting in your new home and so we thought why not give you three different ways you can change up your sofa style with cushions.

There are going to be three different styles from upcycling an old jumper with a zipped cushion, to using a scarf for a furoshiki inspired update and making a simple envelope style cushion.

For the upcycled cushion you will need: a jumper/fabric of your choice (I used this one from Rad which is just that little bit too small and I wanted to have it on show in my work space), Zip, Cushion insert/old cushion, sewing machine, thread, scissors, pinking shears and tape measure.

Step 1:  Measure your cushion, I was using an old one here I wanted to recover.  I cut around the jumper on both sides to leave plenty for seam allowance on the back and front.  I also made sure that my writing was going to be central on the cushion by measuring around the writing to the size I needed.
Step 2:  Place your zip, zipper side down on the right side of your fabric and pin in place, then use your sewing machine to sew in place.
Step 3:  Place your backing fabric onto the zipper so that the right side of the fabric are together, pin in place and then sew in place.
Step 4:  Open the zipper to create a hole for later and then lay the fabrics right sides together and pin and sew around the outsides to create your cushion.
Step 5:  Using my pinking shears, I cut around off the excess from around the seams and used my scissors to trim off the corners to make them point better when turned inside out.
Step 6:  Turn your cushion inside out and insert your cushion/insert.  They you are done and you can start to enjoy it.

For the Furoshiki cushion you will need: a scarf/piece of square fabric and cushion insert.

This cushion is probably the most simple thing we have ever done.  Use a square scarf that perhaps you are not using anymore or matches your current theme - after all, you can always take it off to use it as a scarf again.

Put your cushion pad in the middle of the scarf, so that the scarf is diagonal on.  Grab the corners and tie in the middle and tuck in the ends.  Then grab the other corners and do the same.  Pulling the scarf into position with wrapping the ends in.

Furoshiki is the Japanese art of wrapping and folding fabric to be able to carry items, but has more recently used to wrap presents and cushions.   It looks really effective for a cushion I think and can be changed so easily that they can come in useful for outdoor floor cushions too.

For the envelope cushion you will need:  Fabric (mine was from Maud's Fabric Finds), scissors, pinking shears, cushion insert, thread, sewing machine and tape measure.

Step 1:  Measure your cushion pad and cut your fabric to allow for seam allowance heightwise and 2.5 times the length (i.e, mine was 35cm and so I cut the length to be 87cm).  This is to allow overlap at the back to make an envelope.  Pin and sew the two ends of the fabric so that there will be a neat seam on the back.
Step 2:  Wrap over with the wrong sides outwards to make your envelope shape.  You want to make sure there is a good overlap of the end seems so that the cushion is not seen.
Step 3:  Pin your unsewn edges in place and sew along, making sure you keep the stitches strong - so perhaps a zig zag stitch or small straight stitch.  Using your pinking shears cut off any excess and trim the corners at diagonals.
Step 4: Turn your cushion right side out and make the points in the corners. Insert your cushion pad and you are ready to use it.

So, that gives you a few new cushions to try for the new season. Maybe try to change up your style with some new colours or some upcycling of your own.  Obviously as you can see, I have a whole grey, yellows and Oranges thing going on, which matches my very seventies curtains!

Which one is your favourite?  and what would your colours be?  These are adorning my sofa now and my workspace and so bringing a new lease of life to the area.


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