Makers month: What's on all our desks

Hello there folks, so we thought we would give you another special edition of one of your favourite nosey posts for Makers Month.  This time around we have another great selection of Makers for you, you can see our last round in May here.  This time we had a nosey at the desks of Mister Peebles, The Fox in the Attic, Oh Squirrel and Frilly Industries. So lets get started shall we?

Mister Peebles
This is the corner of the studio I spend most time in everyday, drawing and typing! On the desk is my ever present to do list and mug of tea. I’ve been working on some new drawings over the last few weeks, some of which you can spy on the desk and taped on the wall. I like to keep a few nice photos and inspiring things nearby to make the corner a bright place to be. Sitting next to the window is great for the light and watching the world go by.

My wooden box is full of the items I use everyday, pencils, pens, erasers, rulers as well as some planty pals to keep me company. All my pencils are in colour order in little pots to make it easier to find the perfect colour just when it’s needed.

The Fox in the Attic
Cards being sorted for a wholesale order, orders ready to be packed, calendar with important dates. It's all a bit boring really.

Oh Squirrel
I’m really lucky to have a dedicated sewing desk at the studio… which if I’m honest is the only presentable workspace as my computer desk and workbench are piled up with many exciting things at the moment, so here it is! We’re currently working on product development for Christmas and SS17, and well as some really creative weddings, as well as dealing with day to day orders. Basically, Oh Squirrel HQ is constantly chaotic - just the way we like it!

Frilly Industries
We can’t even try and lie…we are never going to be minimalist, Scandi-chic, Pintrest worthy makers that live in a perpetual state of OCD organisation. We love things, we love making things, we love owning things and are inspired by objects, materials and information. To an outside eye this may look chaotic. We promise you everything has its place; but as we share, bounce ideas and test things as we go it means we end up with this unruly no man’s land between our core working spaces. We are constantly managing the clutter of our frenzied creative process. We sacrifice the tidy for the inspiring. However, we do reach peak clutter and grind to a halt which sparks return to order ready for the next creative outburst.

So after all that, how do we feel about our untidy or very clean desks?  It's always good to see how other people work and what ideas we can gleam from them.  We just love a good nosey too, so that is always fun.

H, xxx

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