Makers Month: Make it: Embroidery Jewellery by Messy Brunette

We are in full Makers Month swing now and so we thought we would bring you a Guest Tutorial from the very lovely Maura from The Messy Brunette who we came across on one of our many Instagram trawls.  We just love her crafty projects and she has a mean crochet hook to get through all those crochet projects.  For us, Maura decided to share how to make your own Embroidery Jewellery, which is a lovely simple and easy to do in front of the TV or sat in the garden project.  So over to her ...

Make your own Embroidery Jewellery

If you have been following me on Instagram you will know I have been stitching a lot and so the obsession with embroidery continues ...... this little piece went to someone for their 70th birthday.  I hope she liked it.
If you want try your hand at making one here's my tutorial on it …. they are quick to make and a great little gift for someone.
These little blank brooch kits are from Cloud Craft, they come in 3 pieces ( the front frame, a backing piece shaped like a dome and the back piece with the pin attached ) and these little kits also include a little bit of fabric.  You can also try Etsy for some other types.  These particular pieces are about 4.5cm x 4.5cm.
Now you need to decide on your design and remember you are going to be working to a small scale with these pieces.  I wanted to try and capture a bunch of flowers with lots of colour, so that was my design. You could also just use some nice fabric or some vintage piece you have on hand and do no stitching.  Also some lettering could be another idea to stitch.
Here's my stitching in progress.  I used french knots for the flowers and used lots of bright floss. If you need a recap on french knots, Sublime Stitching have a good tutorial here.  I used 6 stands and wrapped once.
This is it just about finished, now to fix it to the frame.
Cut the fabric and leave about 1/2inch over lap. Next cut a small bit of wadding or felt the same size as the dome piece .
Do a running stitch around the stitched piece, don't cut the thread yet.  Now, place the wadding/felt into the stitch piece and place the dome shaped backing piece on top. Then place it into the front frame piece.  You might need to jiggle it around to get the placement right and centred.  The dome piece makes your stitched piece push out and gives a nice rounded effect so your piece is not flat looking, the wadding helps pad it out, but its not a necessary step.
Pull your thread and now tighten the fabric over the piece. You can snip the thread.  Now place the final backing piece on top ( all the fabric will be hidden now ) and push the little tabs to secure it into place. Don't play around with the tabs as too much pulling and these could break off.
That’s it all done, here's the back and the little tabs.
Pretty cute eh?!
As it was a gift I placed it in a little gift box and packed it up all cute.  I tend to keep gift boxes! A little bit of ribbon and washi tape finished if off.
Hope you enjoyed this little tutorial, have you tried any of these?  Here's some more I did, if you are more of a buyer, these will be going into my Etsy Shop soon, so stay tuned!
I have some Dandelyne kits I am going to try soon.  If you have a better idea on the backing, please let me know.
Till next time,Maura x
We are loving all these variations that Maura has made, H does love an anchor!  Not sure why, it must be a blue thing! ha ha.  So first post of Makers Month down, now let's see what we have in store next!
H & Sammy, xxx

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