Top 5 - Plantlife Make it's

Another top 5 for you today and this time we thought we would share the big trend of flowers and plants.  It would be rude not to hey!  For those who are not green fingered - like myself - there is an array of tutorials to try which give you the bright and colourful without the hayfever or worry that you will kill it at 5 paces - just me?

So to start us off, we have the Ribbon Roses, which are so easy to make and we even had a workshop on how to make them at Norden Farm way back when.  But this tutorial will lead you right through it.  You could make bouquets or brooches, or even incorporate them into a flower crown.

Which Handily comes next, our Flower Crown used fake flowers, but again you could use real if you like.  As a hay fever sufferer, I refrained and also it packs up really easily for your festival or party outfit needs.

If you wanted to make something to brighten up your room, how about this Felt Garland idea to keep a plain corner from getting too dull.  You can make these flowers yourself or use pre-cut felt, ours were from Blooming felt.

We couldn't forget this Beach Bag that just encompasses all the plant joy at the moment.  Make one for your holiday or your staycation and then use the pattern over and over again every year for the next trend.

Our Paper Plants tutorial is a nice and simple way to bring some plant life into your home.  You could make these go large in a big pot or keep small like this one.  Totally up to you of the scale and type, no hay fever happening here either, always a bonus.

Hope you liked the little plant life roundup of our fun tutorials, which one is your favourite?

H xxx

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