Top 5 - Inspiring Places

Over the years we have been to some pretty inspiring places together and apart, from the UK to abroad, there is always a museum to be found, architecture to be admired and plenty of cake to be consumed.  We thought we would take you on a little tour of some of our faves, and they just all happen to start with the letter B!

First up, let's talk about the first place we ever went to together, way back in College in 1999, oh yes that far back.  Although our second trip to Barcelona was so much more recent, and relied upon far less San Miguel, it definitely did not disappoint.  We took far more time to look at some of Gaudi's buildings and took in some of the other things that Barcelona has to offer, from Vegan breakfast bars  (Milk btw) to the CosmoCaixa science centre.  In a place so much about art and architecture, you can not be inspired.

One of our favourite places in the UK is Brighton, and we have been many times.  Sammy just took her mum for a little adventure more recently, but I think we will have to go back for a little trip before long again.  There is something about the British seaside town that just keeps you going back for more.  The stones on the beach, the pier and the culture keep us going every time and there is always something different to see as well as Angel Food Bakery and all the food!

Next up is Bath, which considering is not that far away, was always on the list to go to.  We finally bit the bullet and went for a day trip and then a full weekend, go us.  It is such a lovely old city and plenty of creative people to keep us going.  The Makery, the fabric shops and the museums including the Fashion Museum are enough for a weekend away, even without all the food, spas and shopping that can be done.

Next up, was a trip I took with a friend to Berlin.  It has always been a city I wanted to visit, and it made up for lost time.  There is a really friendly open vibe to Berlin, lots of art and culture to fill your boots.  Obviously, there is a large prominent focus on the Second World War, but a lot of new and vibrant areas springing up too, making up for those moments when you feel that it is all a bit much.  So many cafes and again the museums, one for every taste.  The Museum of Things was a firm favourite as well as the DDR museum.  German markets aplenty and all the pastries in the world, we even found a favourite coffee shop on our trip that we kept going back to.

Last, but by no means least is our recent trip to Birmingham. I had been about ten years ago, and Sammy had not been out of the NEC and so it was a great reason to visit, with the Rosalilium Pinterest talk and visit The People Shop, making us go.  I think we will have to go for another visit very soon, as it was a bit too short for us this time.  But any excuse to visit again and maybe squeeze in a Cadbury World visit too!
Hope you liked our little trip around trips.  Maybe we should try for some places that don't begin with B for a while! ha ha.  Clearly, it's where all the inspiration is!


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