Fun with Bias Binding

Lets take a look at another tricky sewing technique to master, which is Bias Binding.  Of course once you have mastered it you can use it for so many things and so it really is a good one to get to grips with.

Our Craftacular Adventure

Last Sunday H and I took a trip to Bethnal Green to one of our fave handmade fairs Bust Craftacular. This year we were not only there to catch up with the usual suspects, but we were hosting a papercutting banner workshop at the event too.

Top 5 - Plantlife Make it's

Another top 5 for you today and this time we thought we would share the big trend of flowers and plants.  It would be rude not to hey!  For those who are not green fingered - like myself - there is an array of tutorials to try which give you the bright and colourful without the hayfever or worry that you will kill it at 5 paces - just me?

Top 5 - Inspiring Places

Over the years we have been to some pretty inspiring places together and apart, from the UK to abroad, there is always a museum to be found, architecture to be admired and plenty of cake to be consumed.  We thought we would take you on a little tour of some of our faves, and they just all happen to start with the letter B!

Top 5 - Travel Make it's

It is holiday time for many of us so we thought it was about time for a travel DIY round up!  We have done our fair share of travelling over the years and making the perfect accessories for our journeys can make all the difference.

These Tassel sandals are still so on trend, but you can always swap out the colours for a more neutral colour pallet with tan or black sandals if the neon colourway is not for you.  The thing I love about these is you can add the tassels to your sandals and remove them easily if you want to change it up.

Eye masks are all over the place right now, they are the perfect air travel companion and great for helping you sleep in on those sunny mornings.  Our tutorial is versatile and can be used with all sorts of fabrics.

Loosing my luggage or having my bags confused with someone else's is just my worst nightmare these Luggage tags give me a little more piece of mind that my big pink suitcase won't be picked up by anyone but me at baggage claim.

This Duo Make up bag is my travel best friend, I love that I can keep my skin care essentials in one side and makeup in the other whilst still being able to see exactly what I have in there.  It was so easy to DIY and only a fraction of the price of the designer one that it was based on!

And last but not least is our latest project which is this handy Card Wallet not just for holiday trips this little gem can be used all year round.

What are your travel essentials?  Let us know and maybe we can add to our list of make it's to do next.  Hope you are all enjoying your holidays.

Sammy xxx

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Get to grips with Zips

We all know there are some tricky sewing techniques out there and Zips seems to be a popular one, we have a handy Sewing Tips - Zips guide from last year that should help you out to know which zip to use when.

Live it: Workshop Adventures

We are mad about learning new skills and brushing up on those that may have got a little rusty over the years too. We have been lucky enough to attend more than our fair share of workshops and classes over the last few years, and they are always so much fun. We thought we would take a quick walk down memory lane with you today and remind ourselves what we have learnt and let you know about some fun places too and brush up your skills as well.

Top 5 - Customising Make it's

Its the summer and so we thought why not take you back to a few of our past customisation posts so that you can try them for your summer holidays.