Live it: Woking College show

It has been jam packed at work for me this week and so I thought a little day in the life might be interesting for those of you who wonder what I might do in the day job.  This time of year is always the final show of Woking College, it was my fifth year doing it and it definitely doesn't get any easier putting it all up, but always looks amazing when finished.

There are roughly 150 students to get at least one work up each and then some extra works here and there.  They have two rooms to fill and 2 corridors and so it takes a whole heap of work to fill the walls, which always happens eventually.  It takes us and the College Tutors almost 3 days and a lot of student help to get the show up, there are drills, paint pots and labels flying everywhere at some points, but all worth it when it finishes with a Private view and all the parents so proud.

I thought it might be nice to show you some of my picks, whether just unusual or something which is technique driven or just plain fun.

I just thought these bunny rabbits were fun, its probably not the point as they are hanging with nooses around their necks, but hey, bunnies on a wall.

I love these photographic cubes, each layer has a separate part of the picture and so when you look from the front you see the complete picture and from the side you see the layers.

There are a whole series of these city scape pictures, but I chose the ones which showed up best on film,  ha ha.  This is made up of layers and layers of PVA and then scratching into the surface to make the architectural drawing, some have layers of paint in them too.

There are always large scale sketches and paintings to choose from and I just love this sketch as it is very understated and then you see the internal organs.  A bit dark, but I like it!

I love that the student chose images from magazines and then superimposed their own photographs onto them to make this double layer effect.

There is not always too much sculpture in the show and so when I saw this one, I just loved it.  Again, its so simple with wire and glue holding it all together, but just looks great with the white background.

So that's all for now.  There were so many things I could have picked as there are lots of models to fulfil my inner design geek, but I thought I would go for the more unusual items and more fun to photograph.

H, xxx

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