Life update July

Are you ready to look back at what was the month of June with us? Good, let's dive right in! 

H: It has been a whirlwind of a month and it always seems to go faster when you have a holiday booked in, but boy did we pack in a lot! We went on a quick day trip to Birmingham of course and saw The People Shop and the lovely Allison in person. Then hotfooted it over to Spain for a week of relaxation and eating mainly! What's not to love? Some of the sunsets on our trip were truly amazing and of course I got my swimming game on to keep me busy in between reading. One of the four books I read was called The Assistants and I would definitely recommend it as a holiday read! Then I managed a night back at home before roadtripping to Gloustershire for a wedding in which the sun stayed out for us! No mean feat in the month of the rains! Looking forward to a bit of home time this weekend! Ha ha

Sammy: H is not wrong, we packed a whole lot in to June, our Birmingham trip included a workshop with the lovely Elizabeth from Rosalilium. Learning about a platform like Pinterest from people as inspiring as Elizabeth, and in the past Zoe, is always a brilliant experience.  We also got to meet and chat with a bunch of other amazing bloggers after the master class at Aluna Cocktail bar. Our Spanish holiday was a much needed break for both of us, We have been working our butts off all year, the rest and time away was the perfect pick me up. I was busy right up until we left launching new products with Sew Crafty. We have new journals and pins, take a look at my latest wishlist to see all of our exclusive products. 

A quick thank you to Katie and Kelly for helping both H and I fully relax and make such fun memories on holiday xxx

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