All star American 4th July food

With it being 4th July and we know alot of our readers are from the US, we thought a nice little round up of a few delicious and quite frankly making me drool, recipes would be good for today!

We start with this Smoky Stuffed Sweet Potato recipe from The Domestic Geek, which is a great website and You Tube channel for all kinds of foods and she does an amazing food prep series which I am slightly addicted to!

Next, how about a drink to make sure we drink plenty of liquids!  This Green Jasmine Mint Iced Tea looks like just the thing to cool you down on a hot day and make for a party as a crowd pleaser!

We couldn't do american food without adding pancakes into the mix, I will be making a dairy free version, but these American Blueberry pancakes are making me drool into my salad!  But they do have blueberries in so they are good for you right??? ha ha.

And lastly we couldn't forget those meat eaters, this BBQ Grilled Chicken recipe is literally sat in my fridge waiting to be eaten as I cooked up a batch last night.  How yummy does this look, it is what made me want to do this whole post!

What's your favourite American style dish?  Any we should try?  You may have noticed that we just love food and so always love to hear some new recipe ideas.

H, xxx