Life Update May

We were so jam packed with Makers last month that we had no space to fit in a cheeky life update. But we are back with it this month, so let's catch up with what went on behind the scenes with us whilst our makers take over was gong on. 

It’s been a busy few months here at the blog and at the day job, but we did manage to get a trip to London Zoo in for work.  We have never been for a learning team outing and so it was nice to see how other people work and it just happened to be one of the nicest days in May!  I have been trying to sort out little fun areas in my flat now that I have the basics covered.  So this little ‘have a nice day’ area is in my bedroom, a good thing to see when I first wake up.  I also finally bought myself a spiralizer and have been having so much courgetti fun its unreal, who knew making ribbons of veg could be so much fun!  Lastly this horse picture was something I drew at one of my workshops for people living with the early stages of Dementia.  I usually have a hard time drawing horses and never finish any work during the sessions as I am absorbed by what everyone else is doing.  But I was actually quite impressed with myself, sometimes you just have a good drawing day!
I managed to get away for a few days to one of my favourite places, Brighton. I took my Mum and it was the first time in more than 5 years that Mum and I had been anywhere together, just the two of us. We could never take time off together when we had the shop so it was really lovely to spend some quality time with her. I took her for a long overdue Mothers day afternoon tea at the Blackbird Tea Rooms which was amazing, well worth a visit if you in Brighton. We also trawled the Lanes looking at beautiful things and pretty displays. It was a really lovely few days. An Interview I did with Sew Magazine also came out this month, it was really weird seeing my face, not just something I have made in a magazine that I love.When we got home from Brighton it was time for some late spring cleaning, it is surprising how spending a few days away from home can make you feel like you need a refresh when you get home. I tidied and sorted out my craft room a little in preparation of a post coming up soon. Then last but not least it was a month of newness over at Sew Crafty as a few things we have been working on for a while are finally ready to release. We have new pin badges that I designed and new Dressmaking, Craft and Knitting and Crochet Journals also being released for pre-order!

Wow it was for sure a very busy month for both of us, and it is only getting busier as we move to the summer. We are off on Holiday this month and have a sneaky day trip to Birmingham to squeeze in too!

What are your plans for the next month? We would love to know!

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Sammy and H xxx