Let's Meet: Junk & Glitter

Hello and welcome back to Let's Meet.  We are freshly back from our holidays and of course we had a bumper pack of features for last month's Makers Month and so it feels good to get back to the routine.  Although of course we are busy planning our presentation for the Mollie makes awards for the Handmade Champion category!  eek. 
Our interview this month is with another shortlisted business in the Start-up category, the lovely Sophie from Junk & Glitter, definitely one to watch!
What was the first thing you remember making?
A beach made out of a shoebox lid. I remember making it at school and then making it again at my Nana's house after visiting the beach one day. It's just blue paint, sand and shells but I was so proud!

How did you find your creative side?
I've just always loved making things. As I got older I lost the spark a little bit but when I had my daughter and went on maternity leave it came back and I haven't stopped making since.

What has been your favourite ever make? Whether that be for your business or pleasure – tell us about it.
My favourite make would have to be the seating chart for our wedding. We had a black and white image of the Orion Nebula blown up on huge foam board. I wrote everyone's names in white calligraphy on black paper and cut them out and arranged them on the board with gold pins. I loved it.

What are your favourite ways to stay inspired?
Instagram and Pinterest. I love both and a quick scroll always gives me the urge to make something new. Instagram is such a brilliant community and I've discovered so many brilliant artists and makers on there.

Who are your favourite Designer/Makers right now?
Right now I'm loving Copper and Solder, I desperately want to snap up some of her concrete dishes, and I love Lucie Ellen's jewellery as well.

What crafty item is top of your wishlist?
It's quite a grand wish but I'd absolutely love a mini kiln! I'd like to start doing some ceramics but I think that might be pipe dream.

What do you like to do when you’re not working?
Cooking. I love food, I know everyone says that but I feel like I am always looking forward to when I can eat again.

Tell us a bit about what you have coming up?  any little projects you want to tell us about.
I'm working on some new prints and more cards and I'm hoping at some point I'll get chance to work on some textile products with my patterns. I started to do this when the shop opened last year and it got pushed to the bottom of the list but I'd still really like to come up with something using fabric.

and of course we will see Sophie at the awards next week!  I think this last print just about sums up how we should all just get on with what we want, rather than listen and follow anyone else's path!  Also, to give us courage for a presentation!  yey

H & Sammy, xxx

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