Food for the sun

Dare I say it but it appears we may be starting to get a little sun around the UK now, it's about time!  So I thought that some lovely treats for all the summer parties and BBQ's would be good to share and they are making my mouth water as I type!

First up is this fun Avocado bar idea from good old Martha Stewart, what would we do without her!  It's just a fun take on the taco bar idea and good for you to boot!  I am loving Avocado at the moment and so this looks like a fun idea for the next party!

Next is a family favourite from my childhood and one that has recently been showcased to my nieces from my brother.  These dough twists are so good for the BBQ or campfire and you can dip them in jam, chocolate or anything really.  Fun for the kids and adults, I might have to make a BBQ just to have them.

Then of course you have to have some kind of meat on a BBQ, even just for the men, as we all know they love to make fire and charcoal meat!  These chicken skewers look great from a Lulu Lemon and Lace, who just happens to be a friend of a friend and so I know they will be amazing too!

and if those don't take your fancy, its always great to have a good treat to take with you to someone's house.  I really want to try this cinnamon banana bread from Hemsley + Hemsley, anyone else loving their TV programme at the moment?

I think that is enough to keep us going for the meantime, I am finding it hard to concentrate on all these treats I am talking about!  Time for lunch I think!

What are your failsafe recipes for taking to parties or for the BBQ?  Let us know in the comments or send us to a site to check out.

H, xxx