Makers Month Lets Meet: Hackney Potter

We wouldn't be able to have our Makers Month without our Lets Meet section that we run throughout the year and it just makes it extra special when its in this month too.  H has been obsessing over the ceramics that Hackney Potter has been making and showing on their Instagram page and so it only seemed fair to have a little chat with them. 

What was the first thing you remember making?
I’ve always been making things; ever since I was little I’ve been drawing and creating. My favourite thing to do as a little kid, was draw with candle wax and reveal the image with washes of black paint, the image appearing seemed like magic to me. Ceramics has the same effect on me now, when glazing something it looks nothing like it will when it fired, so when the kiln is opened and the final product is revealed its magical.

How did you find your creative side?
My mum always did activities with us kids, and TV was full of creative shows like, Smart, Tony Hart, Art Attack, Bitsa, Penny Crayon and Smarty Arty in Zzzap!! I can’t think of a time that I wasn’t trying my hand at someone thing creative, and luckily for me it was encouraged. It seemed obvious to me to do arts at college and university. After university I struggled to find time to be creative, 9-5 jobs really disrupted things. Until I found out about the drop in pottery workshop at Hackney City Farm, then I was hooked.

What has been your favourite ever make? Whether that be for your business or pleasure – tell us about it.
The marbled mugs I’m making at the moment are my favourite. Although the most recent make is usually the favourite. Then as new ideas develop, new things are made that replace the last as favourite. I never feel 100% satisfied for long, which pushes me forward and keeps me making.

What are your favourite ways to stay inspired?
I believe inactivity breads inactivity, and that creativity works the same way. To stay inspired and full of ideas you have to keep making, it keeps your brain ticking.
I am part of a shared studio space called Clay Collective and the other makers there are incredible, everyone is so different and it’s a constant inspiration. Going to exhibitions never fails to inspire, and Instagram is another great place to gain ideas; I’ve got a huge folder on my phone of screenshots that I look through regularly. Also it’s important to give yourself time to explore new ideas and possibilities.

Who are your favourite Designer/Makers right now?
I have so many favourites! The 11 other makers in Clay Collective are huge favourites right now; being able to see their processes, and watch work develop makes the end product more amazing to me.
The Hilma Af-Klint at the Serpentine is mind blowing, she was in an all-female collective called ‘The Five’ in Victorian Sweden, and made these epic works through challenging the spirits as a mystic. Her work was unseen until way after her death, and so it was only recently we discovered her work. Her abstract style pre-dates Kandinsky and other abstract painters. (exhibition on till 15th May)
 On Instagram im currently loving:

What crafty item is top of your wishlist?
Everything on the bath potters website!

What do you like to do when you’re not working?
Watching films and videos online, hanging out at the studio and going to the pub with my boyfriend

Tell us a bit about what you have coming up?  any little projects you want to tell us about.
I have just been taking part in Pick Me Up Festival at Somerset House with Clay Collective, and that has really taken all of my attention for the last couple of months. I am next taking part in the Clay Collective open studio on 4th and 5th June, and the Independent Ceramics Market in Peckham on 17th July, so please come visit me! 

Hackney Potter

Seriously you guys, you have to check out Hackney Potter's work, total love!  I just need a big house with lots of visitors to require use of ALL the beautiful ceramics!  ha ha.

Thank you for chatting to us Hackney Potter and hope you guys enjoyed this little delve into their world.


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