Sammy's Desk Drawer Tour

I have a fun little post today for anyone who is like me and likes to have a nosey into other people's craft spaces. I am sharing the contents of my Ikea Alex desk drawers. I have been meaning to do this post forever and recently had to take some photos of my craft room for an interview so I took some extra ones of my drawers to share with you. I love the system I have for my desk right now, but it has taken me a few goes at it to work out what works and where. Lets get stuck in shall we.
The first drawer has my basic sewing supplies, things I might need or things for quick hand sewing. I also keep all my pretty sewing supplies in here, so my cutest scissors, needle cases, pins and pincushion. The next drawer holds my embroidery threads and cords for jewellery along with spare needles and odd bits of aida canvas.
Next up is jewellery findings, beads and tools. I have loads of odd bits and bobs from when I used to make and sell my own jewellery, I still do the odd repair and often make stuff for myself and friends so I try and stay well stocked. A few years ago I bought a ton of these tic-tac style bead storage boxes and they are the best way for me to organise my bead collection. I stack them on their side so I can see what I have by colour. 

The bottom of that set of drawers keeps my favourite drawing supplies, spare paints and a few calligraphy inks. The top drawer in the other set has my pens, felt-tips, pencils, anything that isn't in the pots on the top of my desk is in here, close to hand.
Next down is stamps and ink pads. I have a lot more clear stamps in another box but these are all my most used wooden stamps and ink pads. Tape, glue, staples and paperclips anything sticky or holds paper together is in the next drawer. You can see I have a good stock of my favourite double sided scotch tape, I use that stuff for everything!
The last two drawers hold spare stamps and paper punches and a few odd bits and bobs like spare drawing pins, staples and old embossing powders. The last drawer holds my paints, mostly acrylics and metallics, with some tester pots and sponge daubers.

So I hope that was fun to see inside my craft desk. If you have any questions leave them in the comments below, I will happily answer them. Also let me know if you want to see a full craft room tour?

Have a lovely weekend
Sammy xxx

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