Make it: Easy Phone Cover + Free Printable

One of my favourite things to DIY and decorate are phone cases. You can make really cool looking personalised cases for a fraction of the price you can buy them for in the shops. I have recently got a new phone so I have been making myself a bunch of new cases and thought it would be fun to share how I have made my own collection.

I only actually had to buy one case, a clear case, I got mine from Amazon but you can get these kinds of cases in lots of places.
First I made a template of the back of my phone to use to make all the inserts I want.
Then I print off some patterns that I have designed on Photoshop, you can download these for yourself  here >>Free Printable Cover Inserts<<  I used some fun brushes in Photoshop and some scans of some watercolour paintings from my sketch book to create these designs. I have an iPhone 6plus so these should be big enough if you print them at 100% for most phones, all you need to do is use your template and cut them down to size
I cut out the designs using my template then you can simply insert them between your phone and the case.
The best thing is that once you have the template you can use any paper or card you like to insert in the case.
I have made some out of transparent papers I got in my Messy Box, project life cards and scrapbook papers. You could even make some out of wrapping paper or fabric. I would suggest gluing lighter paper and fabrics to stiffer card to make them last longer.
If you want to make the inserts last longer you can always laminate them, but I just use them as they are.

I am so fickle and love to change up my case with my mood so for me this is the perfect solution to stop me having to buy loads of new cases. If you want to have a go at this yourself don't forget to download my designs here >>Free Printable Cover Inserts<< or raid your own stash to make your very own collection.

I am off to decide which one is my favourite!

Sammy xxx

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