Life update March

Hello March! Before we get into birthday's, Mothers Day and Easter Eggs, lets catch up on our shenanigans through the month that was February.

H - This month has all been about work for me, but as I love my job, that's not all bad.  I went to a conference in London and had the Southbank view through the window in the room, it was so hard to concentrate.  Any excuse for a London view though, something that is so calming about it.
I visited the Watts Gallery for a teachers evening and got to have a look around their new renovated studios.  I loved this set-up of a room 'that had just been left' by the artist.  All the paints and brushes made it feel very like you had just missed the artist going out the door.
A new exhibition of Constable's work opened at the day job this month, so that always means new interactive ideas.  I made these cool cloud finders, so you can find out what all the clouds are called in Constable's work.  Makes the exhibition accessible for all ages and adds a bit of fun into the paintings.
We got to check out the Kikki K store in Covent Garden recently and it's a whole load of pretty.  If only I could make as many notes as there are notebooks!

Sammy - Like H it is good that I love my job because this month was all about work for me. I am settling into working from home really well, but I managed to get out of 'the office' this month to visit Stitches in Birmingham. My selection of jewellery for the weekend was greatly admired by a lot of my industry friends, especially my Terrarium necklace from Finest Imaginary.
I have been trying to up my water intake and limit my sugar, more on that in a minute, I have also been loving Innocent Coconut water. It is the nicest tasting brand I have tried and apparently it is really good for hydration.
I also signed up for a new subscription box this month. It is more of a cards and gift wrap box than any of my other subscriptions and I am enjoying it so far. Check out the Noisemakers club if you are up for a monthly dose of British gift wrap goodness.
Last but not least something which has fascinated and scared the hell out of me at the same time, Sarah Wilson's I quit Sugar, and I quit Sugar for Life books have been all I can think about. I am planning on taking the plunge in the next week or so, wish me luck.

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