Guest Tutorial: The Make Arcade - Felt Succulents

This week we thought we would hand over the Tutorial reigns to someone else for a change.  We have been following Ruth for a while now with her company The Make Arcade.  She holds classes, produces craft kits of all sorts and Sammy even has some in her shop Sew Crafty too.  So without further ado, we will hand over.

Hi! Ruth here from The Make Arcade. Sammy and H invited me to put together a tutorial for their
lovely blog readers - so here goes, great to be here!

You can’t have not noticed the succulent trend that's happening at the moment - I love a succulent
as they are so cute but as someone who hasn’t a great track record at being green fingered I have
used succulents as my inspiration for a felt based craft project and created a felt succulent display!

They are a perfect subject for felt work as all subtly different - full of texture, inspiring colour
palettes and quirky character.

For this project you will need:
A selection of felt- for mine and got a muted colour palette (but
would work equally as well in brights or greys!)
Glue gun (I glued this project but you could sew it too!)
Thin card
Display item - my wire basket is from Tiger - but you could use vintage kitchenware, enamelware
or wooden crate perhaps?

We will be making 4 different types of succulent design - you can make as many or as few as your
display item allows, they are quite addictive to make.

When you have made your lovely selection of succulents you can display them. Take your card and
cut it to the shape your your display unit (I drew round the wire basket). This is the basis for your
display. Place your succulents on the card, play around with the layout and take a picture for
reference before you start to stick! Stick all the pieces down, lift leaves to make it really 3D. I added
a few felt balls that I had in my stash too.

When all stuck down, cut away any card that you don’t want to see so you are left with the
succulent piece. I then placed this into my wire basket and secured it with a few blobs of glue. Voila
- one gorgeous succulent display!

So, what do you think?  We hope you loved Ruth's tutorial as much as we did.  We may be biased as we are succulent lovers - you may have noticed!

H & Sammy, xxx

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