Visit List

Today I thought I would share a little visit list I have been making, I have some time off coming in March and I really want to make some time to go exploring and visit some places I have been meaning to go to for a while now and who doesn't love a day trip.

First up on the list is the De La Warr Pavilion, one of the most iconic Modernist buildings in Britain. I have been meaning to go for ages and so I think I will make the effort to get myself down to Bexhill on Sea to see this place.  I love architecture and it always gives me a creative boost, so I think a sketchbook and camera will be taken with me too.

On the way back I might as well pop into Brighton!  Ok, so it's a bit of a detour, so maybe another day trip, but always worth the effort. I love the sound of the sea and busy city life and so Brighton has both in spades.  A walk along the promenade is always good too, maybe with a warm doughnut or two.

Last on this list is Ditching Museum of Art & Design, again, another one I keep meaning to get myself down to.  Currently there are trying to fund a large steamrollered lino print - closes tomorrow though - 23rd February, so do go donate before you miss out.  I love the idea of using a steam roller as a large printing press and have seen other artists do it and so it would be great to see them get the money to be able to do it too.  I follow there instagram and they always have great activity ideas and so I think a little look at the museum would be good too.

So really, its a set of three inspiration trips planned for some days off!  Well, why not.  I do love to go exploring and it feels like winter stops it too much, fingers crossed for good weather.  What's on your list of must-see places?


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