Live it: Pottery class

We all by now will know that since The Great Pottery Throw down programme last year - Pottery has had somewhat of a revival. I have seen so many designer/makers and people I follow on instagram doing it too, so I must be in good company.  It has been something that I have done in the past and I work with clay a lot with in my job, but I wanted to do something just for me and so a course at Farnham Maltings for a Christmas present from my parents, was just the motivation I needed.
So with that in mind, I thought a little show and tell might be nice for today's post.  I have had a lot of fun and worked with Porcelain slip and moulds, the wheel and rolling out of clay.  Some techniques I already knew and others were very different.  It was a great chance to have a go at using the wheel a lot too and as the picture top right shows, I clearly have a preferred choice of style pot!
I am still waiting for them to be fired with the glaze on - fingers crossed none of them stick to the kiln!  I think my favourite thing to do was use the wheel and after that I loved slip pouring the porcelain and making that cool looking polystyrene cup out of clay.  I am sure I will instagram them all when and if they make it out of the kiln at the end!  A few birthday presents in there I am sure.
I think a course like this definitely focuses the mind.  This one was only 5 weeks, which was quite short, but gave a good taste to it.  Maybe a longer one next time.  I want to make lots of pots!

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