Let's meet: DaphneRosa

This month we have finally featured the lovely Kate from DaphneRosa.  Her bouquets are just plain beautiful and the perfect alternative to the usual flowers for your special day, especially if like H you have hayfever!  We caught up with Kate after another successful wedding fair and had a chat about what she is up to and what's next!

What was the first thing you remember making?
Ooo that's a toughie... I think the first thing I remember making was salt dough Christmas decorations with my Nan when I was probably 5 or 6. She was my crafting inspiration and taught me how to make and be creative, so much so that she is the namesake for DaphneRosa.

How did you find your creative side?
Well as already mentioned my Nan was a great inspiration. Watching her sew, knit & create all sorts made me want to join in and I've never stopped. I also think its something that is in my genes, no matter what happens in life I will always be making things with my hands.

What has been your favourite ever make? Whether that be for your business or pleasure.
I guess my favourite ever make has to be my wedding bouquet. I made all of the flowers out of fabric and added my Nan's brooches and jewellery in the centres as she had sadly passed away the year before. I love that it is so personal and something I will keep from our wedding forever, becoming an heirloom I will hopefully pass down through the family.  It was also what started my business so a pretty important make!

What are your favourite ways to stay inspired?
As many of my fellow creatives will expect Instagram and Pinterest are my go to online places of inspiration.  Although I do think it is hard to feel original if these are the only places you look. So I am always taking photos of colourful doorways, posters peeling off of walls etc. I'm aware that I look like a bit of a crazy person but hey ho! I have also embarked on a year long creative project this year #daphnerosainbloom where I am allowing myself time to be creative without agenda which has been really liberating and I feel the most inspired I have for a long time!
Who are your favourite Designer/Makers right now?
Wow so hard to choose, there are so many! Lola Hoad of LolaHoad Design has been a firm favourite of mine since she illustrated our wedding vows for my husbands first anniversary gift. Katie from Oh Squirrel is another of my favourites for her unique take on cards and stationery. Claire from Claireabellemakes is not only one of my favourite makers but my business buddy and we are embarking on a collaborative project this year which is very exciting so watch this space!
What crafty item is top of your wishlist?
I'm not sure there is anything particular that is on my list to get at the moment but one I would like to get out of the store room and use is my table top loom. I studied constructed textiles at university and weaving was my first love so it would be great to do some more of it in the future. I am also keen to work on a liberty range of flowers so some fabric from the holy grail that is Liberty would be good too!
What do you like to do when you’re not working?
Working part time as a teacher and running the business takes up most of my time but any free time I get is mainly spent with friends & family. I recently spent the weekend at the coast with my family taking long walks on the beach and playing games in front of the fire, that would be the dream for my free time I guess!
Tell us a bit about what you have coming up?  Any little projects you want to tell us about.
Well I am currently working on a new collection of bridal veils to be launched soon using my new favourite fabric.. leather. There will be leather succulents, metallic's and lots more. I am also in the process of developing some new products which are non wedding based which is exciting and continuing to complete my #daphnerosainbloom creative project this year. I am making a different seasonal flower each month out of new materials to develop my craft and stay creative with what I do. I made fabric and paper azaleas in January and clay daphne's in February and have been blogging about my progress and I can't wait to see what the rest of the year brings!

Don't you just love how beautiful these flowers look!  I love the idea of being creative without agenda too, as this is firmly on the list for me this year, just to be creative because.  Not for work, or the blog, but just do and see what happens.  I used to love the experimentation stage at college and university and feel that it has something that I have lost in recent years.
Anyway, back to DaphneRosa.  She definitely makes the most beautiful bouquets and flowers, I can't wait to see how those leather veils come out and liberty print flowers - amazing!  Of course it being the 29th February, some of you ladies may have taken the plunge and asked your partners to marry you and so this might just be the right post for today!
Looking forward to seeing who we are going to chat with next?  Check back next month to find out.
H, xxx

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