February Food Roundup

Hello there and have I got a treat for you this month, pictures of food I have actually made!  Yes, you heard that right.  I have been trying to get my effort levels up of actually cooking and taking a few snaps for this section of the blog.  I can't promise it will happen every month, but I am trying, honest.

First up is this vegetable base that I use for soups, curry and ratatouille.  Its simple really, put all the vegetables in the pan to cook and take out batches for each of the other desired recipes.  This is batch cooking at its best.  I have been trying to get more of this done as not only is it cheaper, but it helps to get through all the vegetables!  Because seriously, have you seen the size of a Butternut squash, it keeps me going for days!

Next up is one of my favourite Saturday night treats, it was always Pizza night on a Saturday growing up and so just because I can't have cows milk, does not mean I should miss out.  Simply pittas, peppers, spinach and goats cheese with a tomato paste base and we are all good.

We go back to breakfast with this one and mushed up avocado on toast with poached eggs, oh yes!  Sometimes I add a bit of smoked salmon too, but it tastes just great the way it is here too.

Lastly is a recipe I adapted from a new you tube obsession of mine, The Domestic Geek has some great meal plan ideas and lots of food to put in jars.  She has spurred me on to plan a bit more for the week too, so it can't be bad.  This Mushroom, spinach and goats cheese pasta is great for lunches, next time I am thinking to add some peppers aswell - why not just add more vegetables in!  The original recipe has Gorgonzola and beef added into it, so check out her channel for more inspiration.

That's all for this month.  It's made me want it all again now.  It's one of the domestic geek's salad ideas for lunch though, so not all bad.

What's your favourite?  Are there any other chefs or you tube channels I should check out?
H, xxx 

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