Craft Swap: H

You may have seen last month's Craft Swap that Sammy posted, now this month is my turn with the items that Sammy gave me.

Sammy gave me: Kids Craft Mod Roc, fabric scraps, coloured labels, grey leather style material, blue spot paper, orange honeycomb pom pom, web paper, round cork board, plastic animals, fabric rosettes, blue cord, blue chevron ribbon, gold paper clips, round box with mini pegs inside, silver clips and 2 wooden shape cut-outs.

There was a lot there!  So first I went through everything and came up with a list of ideas, some of these will definitely be tutorials later on I think, but for this post I went with 3 ideas to keep it simple.  At least I know I have a stash of items for future posts! ha ha.

First, I decided on using the round cork board and grey leather style material.  This is not quite Leather, but a synthetic lookalike version.  I thought that it would be good to make a mouse mat for my new Laptop table I got as a Christmas present.  My mouse sometimes doesn't like the wooden surface and it would give me extra space to use a mouse on the table.  As I wanted the mouse mat to sit next to my laptop, I cut off a slice of the cork board with a craft knife to make a straight side.  Then I just gave it a quick sand down so that cork bits did not go everywhere and gave it a nice straight side to push up against my laptop when in use.  I then used some HT2 glue from my stash to glue the leather like material on top and using the craft knife I cut around it, so that it was exactly the right size.  I think this came out very well and its just what I needed, so even better.

Next up, it couldn't be me at the moment without a plant, I am a bit obsessed with surrounding myself with fake and real plants.  I really wanted to use the mod roc for something other than the usual masks or bowls and so I came up with this white cacti to add to my collection.  I first made a structure out of newspaper and kept it in place using masking tape.  I then followed the instructions to add the mod roc to the structure and smoothed it down as much as possible.  I then left it to dry for a good 24 hours and gave it a quick coat of white paint from my stash on top of the already white mod roc.  I just wanted to make sure it was all covered, I did think of painting it a different colour, so maybe I will change up the colour every now and again, but for now white.  I then added it to a small pot I had been given as a gift from a friend (which is from Anthropologie) and some small stones to keep it in place and add to the look.

My last swap project is this cute animal keyring for my bin store key.  It is just one key on its own and so I keep misplacing it and so the animals were going to make the perfect keyring idea.  Sammy gave me a hedgehog, fox and rabbit plastic animal and so I chose this fox, as foxes go for the bins?!  Its the small things in my head!  Anyway, I had some eye screw & ring's from Willko which have been laying around for ages and so I decided to use one for the fox.  I simply just screwed it into the top of the plastic animal and added a bit of glue to keep it in place.  A very quick project to make your own keyrings or even a necklace if you wanted as the ring can be added to a chain.

I hope you liked the projects I made with the Craft Swap items, what would you have made?  We would love this to become something that everyone can get involved in, if you have a friend that you can do a swap with we would love to see your makes!  Tag us in your pictures @liveit.loveit.makeit on Instagram and use the #lilimicraftswap so we can see and share them with everyone. 

If you are a blogger and would like to get involved in our craft swap please get in touch via email so we can feature them here or pair you up with another blogger. 

Don't forget to come back next week, to see who will make the next Craft Swap.

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