Make it: Metallic Trinket Boxes

Not long ago I spotted these gorgeous trinket boxes on Pinterest and fell in love, until I saw that they were a little out of my price range. So next best thing... DIY! If you were not already metallic-ed out from the festive season then this is the perfect tutorial for you.

You will need: Metallic contact paper, paper mache boxes, scissors and a pencil. 

Step 1. Start by tracing around the lid of the box
Step 2. Then use the box lid on it's side to measure outwards twice to cover the edges inside and out.
Step 3. Cut out the shape and peel off the backing paper, then stick the lid in the centre. 
Step 4. Snip into the corners of the lid alternating straight cuts and angled cuts. 
Step 5. Fold up all the edges then cut again, straight down to the edge of the lid before folding it to the inside of the lid.
Step 6. Measure and cut a long strip of contact paper long enough to wrap around the base of the box and about 4cm wider. Peel the backing paper off and stick it to the box wrapping it around leaving 2cm above and below.
Step 7. On the bottom of the box, cut straight down and flap the edges.
Step 8. Turn the box right side up and cut down to the lip then fold the flaps to the inside. You may find that a little touch of glue helps if any of those edges look like they might peel.

Now you are ready to fill them with all the trinkets you desire, perfect for all your new year organising, they would make very chic desk accessories.  Wouldn't they also make awesome gift boxes? I am so in love with these, even more than the originals that inspired them! I am also a little bit in love with metallic contact paper, I am off to turn everything I can find to gold!

Sammy xxx

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