Make it: Ipad/Cookbook holder

I found this tutorial on A Bubbly Life's blog and so thought with my leftover copper after the candle holder tutorial, I would give it a go.  I love the idea of using this in your kitchen to cook up a storm either by using a handy You tube clip from Sorted food or getting out your cookbook from the cupboard to give a new recipe a go this Christmas.  It's such a simple thing to make too, only took about 20 minutes, so perfect for a last minute gift idea.

You will need: 15mm Copper Pipe cut into 1 x 20cm, 2 x 10cm, 2 x 14cm.  4 x 15mm elbow, 2 x 15mm equal tee, 4 x 15mm stop end, Glue (I used Gorilla Glue), Pipe cutter, Pen, Ruler.

The bubbly life blog takes you through all the steps too, but I thought I may as well do it here for you too. 

Step 1: Cut all your pieces with a tube cutter to the measurements above.
Step 2: Layout all of your top frame pieces, 1 x 20cm, 2 x 14cm and 2 of the elbow pieces.
Step 3: Glue this all together.
Step 4: Layout your equal tee's, making sure you keep them straight out to the front/back of your holder.
Step 5: Glue this in place.
Step 6: Layout your 2 x 10cm pieces into the equal tee's and glue in place.
Step 7: Onto the end of each of the 10cm pieces glue on elbows, so that they curve up.
Step 8: Glue the stop ends in place on the top of the elbows and the otherside of the equal tee at the back of your holder and then you are done.

As I said, so simple to do and I think it looks really good.  Have had some lovely comments from friends who have been to visit.  Now what to make next?

You could use this as an iPad holder or a cookbook holder as I said, or even just to help you keep anything in place while you read.  If you are studying, sometimes it is hard to keep a book open and write notes, so could be handy for a student too.

I am a little obsessed with making copper things at the moment you might have noticed.  I think it looks really good in my flat too with all my 60's/70's inspired decor.

Who would you make yours for?

H, xxx

Please note:  Materials were kindly provided by B&Q via a gift voucher

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