Make it: Copper Candle Holder

This year is all about Copper as we must all know by now and so I thought what better way to make a gift for someone this Christmas.  I was kindly sent a gift voucher from the guys at B&Q and there will be a few more treats to come, but I thought this was a good place to start!  What better way to get the table decorated this Christmas than with a candle holder for your centrepiece, or just to make as a present for a copper loving friend who is into the industrial look.

You will need: 15mm Copper Pipe, cut into 1 x 18cm, 1 x 13cm, 2 x 11cm, 4 x 4cm, 4 x 2cm.  2 x 15mm equal tee, 8 x 15mm elbow (I only have 4 in the picture, oops), 2 x 22mm x 3/4" female straight top connector, Glue (I used Gorilla Glue), Pipe cutter, pen, ruler, candles.

Firstly you will need to cut up all your bits of pipe.  I used a pen to mark the measurements of length I wanted and cut them all first to make sure I had everything.

Step 1: Glue 2 of your 4cm pieces into either side of the equal tee - do this for both equal tee's.

Step 2: Glue your elbow pieces into one end of the 11cm pieces and then the equal tee sections, making a square shape.  You will need to make sure your equal tee open section is upwards and straight so that what you connect into it points upwards.  You can of course make your measurements for this square base larger or smaller depending on your desired size.

Step 3: Glue one of your candle lengths to a elbow and then one of the 2cm pieces on the other end, before adding another elbow and 2cm piece to make a bend in the pipe.  You can now glue on what will be the candle holder, the straight top connector.  You can always get these without the nuts or take them off, but I decided to leave mine on.

Step 4: The last thing to do is glue in both of your tall lengths into the equal tee that is pointing upwards and you are done.

This is quite a simple version, you could of course add more equal tee's and make the whole thing larger to introduce more candles.  Perhaps some straight holders and some smaller ones, so that it had a large candelabra effect for decoration.

I like the simplicity of this one as I have just the perfect person to give it to.  It would look great with other candle holders and decorations too for all other times of year.

How would you make yours?  If you make one, don't forget to send us a picture and #livelovemake on Instagram or twitter so that we can see what you make.


Please note: The materials were bought with a B&Q gift voucher but they did not recommend products or have any influence on what I made with it. Thank you B&Q!

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