Christmas Food Round-up

It's nearly here, fill your face with food Christmas time!  I thought a few little treats to keep me on the dairy free straight and narrow would be good to take a look at and of course get me drooling a little bit early!

First up, this perfect roast chicken from Elena's Pantry, lets face it most roast chicken is dairy free, but I am yet to get my roast chicken quite right, so looking up a recipe is always good for me.

Next, these amazing looking sticky roasted parsnips from BBC good food would be the perfect accompaniment with the chicken and some roast potatoes and stuffing of course!

Add a bit of bread like this one from the Pure Dairy free website and you can mop up all that gravy left over.  yum. Seriously I am drooling here just writing this!

Then, the most difficult of projects to get dairy free, the pudding!  I am not a fan of Christmas cake or Christmas Pudding or even Mince pies, but I do love a Chocolate Yule Log!  My mum made this amazing one with Coconut cream last year - hoping for that again if your reading mum.  But this one from Lachie's Allergy Cookbook looks great too.

I definitely need to go and get some lunch now.

What's on your Christmas food list this year, any new food for the table?  Let us know in the comments below and maybe we can add them to our table this year too.

H, xxx

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