Make it: Festive Wreath with Turtle Mat

Another festive tutorial for you today.  I have been wanting to create another wreath tutorial since my Anthro-esq pompom wreath last year was so popular, but have just not found the right inspiration to create something I would actually have in my house afterwards. You know we hate making stuff for the blog that we wouldn't really use in real life. So when the guys at Turtle Mat got in touch with the opportunity to take part in their blogger challenge to create a festive wreath, I took it as a sign that this was the year to make my own wreath.

As soon as I laid out all the supplies I had a flash of an idea that wouldn't go away. I decided to go with a minimalist take for this wreath as I just loved the copper wreath ring that the team sent over.

The Turtle Mat team sent me a box of goodies that included: A copper wreath ring, A glue gun, and a pack of small Christmassy bits including the cute faux robin.

I added from my stash: a pack of battery lights, some copper wire, white card-stock and some copper spray paint.

I started by getting all the elements ready. I spray painted the little robin and set him aside to dry. Then I cut a selection of different sized stars from textured white card stock.  I used my silhouette cameo but I have included a template like the one I used for you to download and use to hand cut some stars If you want to re-create this wreath for yourself.  I also cut a small section of card to support the paper stars.

Next I took the wire and started wrapping the wreath frame, I ran my wire around from the 6 o'clock to 1 o'clock position as I planned that my paper stars would be covering up the rest. I did the same with the battery lights and secured the battery pack to the back of the wreath frame with some more wire.

Once the wire was all in place, I set that to one side and started positioning the stars onto the paper support.  I placed the biggest ones first using the glue gun on the points of the stars and layering them over one another to create a pleasing arrangement, filling in the gaps with the smaller stars until the paper support was covered. Then I glued the star panel in place on the wreath.

The final touch was adding our little robin friend by wiring his feet around the bottom of the wreath and a simple ribbon to the top to hang it pride of place beside my front door.

The joy of living at the top of a hill means no hanging wreaths on my front door. They would get blown away in minutes! So I always hang mine just inside the door. If you wanted to create this wreath to hang outside, I would suggest investing in outdoor safe lights and using some thin plastic to cut the stars.

I am so happy with how this turned out, I am looking forward to using more of the paper stars around the house to tie in the theme with my other decorations.

Why not download the Star template and have a go at making your own! You could also use the star template to make a little garland or a wreath made entirely from stars- gorgeous!

Sammy xxx

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