Make it: Conker Pumpkins

Who can not notice that it is Halloween this week and that Autumn is definitely here!  So for Half term week, I thought I would show you a Children or Adult friendly simple craft.  Who doesn't love a bit of Pinterest for some Pumpkin inspiration and these Conker Pumpkins just fit the bill today.

You will need: Conkers! Orange paint (I used some Valspar paint I was given at a B&Q event a while back, but you can use any), glue, scissors, paintbrush, green pipecleaners, black sharpie and googly eyes optional.

Firstly start by painting your conkers, I did about 3 layers on mine, but if you are using Acrylic paint you may be able to get away with one coat.

 Find a green pipecleaner and cut it into 4, as I found this gave me just the right amount of greenery for the tops of my conkers.

 Bend the pipe cleaner bits into a zig zag with 3 bends.

Then squash and pull out the ends to make a sprig of green for the tops of your pumpkins.

Glue the pipe cleaner sprigs to the top of your conker.

 You may need to hold it in place.  I used craft glue with instant grab and so I didn't have to hold onto it.

Options: If you also want to make pumpkins with eyes, then either get the sticky back eyes or glue on the eyes to where you want the front of your pumpkin to be.  I chose these conker as it had a good base for eyes.

Then glue on the green sprigs just as before.

If you want to make your Conker Pumpkin a bit more Halloween, then you can draw on a pumpkin carved face using a Sharpie.

Your then finished, you can cluster them together on their own ...

 Or add a Munchkin to complete the look!  Who doesn't love mini vegetables!

Just look how cute they all look together.  These are so simple and could be a great Parent/Child activity for the Half Term holidays.  As always I will be busy making with all the children on their holidays at work.  No Conker Pumpkins unfortunately but plenty of Halloween fun on Friday of Big Bats and Giant Ghosts!

Have a spooky week if you are a Halloween person, or if like me you just love a Pumpkin, then enjoy the extra vegetables! lol.

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