Let's Meet: Fall for DIY & We Make Collective

This month we thought we would have something a little different.  A fellow blogger and company owner, but I will let her explain all!

Hello! I’m Francesca (Fran to most people). I write the DIY/Crafts blog Fall For DIY, a place to explore my hands-on side and life-long love of making. As a Textile Design graduate I have always believed in combining craft with design to create something that is beautifully handmade. It's this ethos that motivates me to share tutorials on my blog and create a space that inspires people to do the same.

This idea is one that many of my worldwide readers also feel strongly about and so in response to this need for easy access to skills, materials and inspiration I’ve launched We Make Collective - a site to share what we do and what we love online and in real life. We Make Collective will bring together the bloggers, the makers and the dreamers. Anyone with just the glint of creativity in their eye in a new way, to boost each other’s creative journeys.

What was the first thing you remember making?

The first thing that comes to mind is Barbie doll clothes. Handsewn scraps of fabric from my mum’s sewing box made the best skirts and tube dresses. Back then I learnt the wonders a well placed piece of velcro could do and I also learnt how I could take something that was essentially useless and turn it into something I enjoyed.

How did you find your creative side?

I’ve always been the ‘creative one’ in the family but finding my creative side is something I have done all my life and continue to do so. It’s something that has evolved and changed over the years.

What has been your favourite ever make? Whether that be for your business or pleasure – tell us about it.

This is the hardest question but I think it has to be the quilt I made when my niece was born. I’d never made a quilt before and I spent many of my evenings meticulously cutting the fabric, stitching and unpicking to make sure it was perfect. I even hand stitched the binding for the boarder. It was a real labour of love and something which I hope will be in the family for many years. For me quilting is my hobby. I don’t blog about it which means there are no deadlines and I don’t need to wait for the right light to take a photo of each step. I don’t sell them either, so it’s really going back to the pure craft of making just because I love doing it.

What are your favourite ways to stay inspired?

I’m always on the hunt for inspiration! I LOVE Pinterest of course but I like to add layers to any ideas I have by taking a shopping trip or a walk in the park. It’s amazing where you can get inspiration from when you let your mind wander and develop an idea. If I think of something that is similar to what’s already been done I try to find inspiration in my craft stash or online to change the project to something unique. Inspiration is a really important part of my job, so I dedicate a lot of time to exploring ideas.

Who are your favourite Designer/Makers right now?

I’m so into ceramics right now. My Instagram feed is full of beautiful makers and designers, and half of them are potters. I love @theobjectenthusiast, @ceramicmagpie and @quietclementine and their are a ton of other makers I love that post to my Instagram hashtag #wemakecollective. It’s the perfect place to check them all out!

What crafty item is top of your wishlist?

I just got an electronic cutter machine which has been at the very top of my list for a few years now. I’m currently just trying to work out the limits of what I can do with it. Right now it feels endless! I have a lot of plans for different blog series to explore and experiment with it. That’s my absolute favourite part of blogging!

What do you like to do when you’re not working?

Any time that I’m not working I try to see my friends. It’s so important to have down time. You need to have fun and forget the stresses of running a business or you’ll get burnt out. I have a lot of friends who are also freelance or run businesses, so they understand the pressure and we try to get together for a coffee and cake every now and then.

We know you are the brains behind We Make Collective, tell us more?

I decided to start we make collective after meeting far too many people that don't believe in their own creativity. Creativity is something we practice and learn. Not something we're gifted with. This idea is one that many of my readers also feel strongly about. In response to this need for easy access to skills, materials and inspiration and after many months of working on the idea, I launched the We Make Collective - a site to share what we do and what we love online and in real life. I wanted to create a site that promoted individual creativity and ideas rather than a one size fits all, creative mentality.

What would your dream be for it?

My dream is to involve as many creative businesses and bloggers as possible in the creation of each theme. There are 6 bloggers currently producing blog posts for the site and I love all their ideas for each kit are so different to mine. I feel like the whole site benefits so much from having them on board. I’m aiming to grow the collective so we can hire more makers and also support indie businesses, working with them to put together the kits.

What is next on the wishlist? 

Making time for more quilts!

You can find all Fran's links for Fall For DIY here, so InstagramPinterestFacebook and Twitter. Along with all of the links for We Make Collective, InstagramPinterestFacebookTwitter.

We fully recommend having a look at all Fran's work, so cool and inspiring.  Obviously we are always jealous of the fun ideas she comes up with too!  You will want to make it ALL!  Get on the We Make Collective bandwagon too, so much fun to be had!

H & Sammy

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