Food round-up: Comfort food

 It's November so of course the Food session this month had to include some comfort food.  I love food and when the weather is changing and cold I like to make some good old comfort food to keep me going.  I can only wish I was one of those people who could live off vegetables, but at least these all have fruit and veg in them!

First up, is my new obsession, Pitta Pizzas!  As I can't have cows milk, pizzas are a bit harder to find without cheese and any dairy.  So using Pitta breads as the base and making my own is the only way to go.  I use spinach as a base on top of sweet chilli sauce and tomato paste.  Then a mix of red onion and different coloured peppers that have been already cooked to add on top with goats cheese and pop under the grill.  Yummy.

Next up is another obsession of Jamie's Superfood series and this Chicken & squash cacciatore which just looks delicious!   I so want to eat this right now!  Looks like a great food to have around with lots of friends popping over.

Bottom right is another great Quinoa recipe, as I have said I am sure before, sometimes you just need a great way to have quinoa as it can be a bit well, just bland.  This recipe for Miso, Carrot and Quinoa One pot from Madeleine Shaw looks super good and as its from Madeleine Shaw you know its going to be so good for you!  She is a superwoman of healthy food and knowing what would be great for your body.

Lastly, well there just had to be a pudding on here somewhere and what better comfort food for this time of year than a crumble!  This one is dairy free too and so I can have it guilt free. Crumble was always my favourite thing to make at home and I was chief crumble maker.  This apple crumble recipe just uses Pure Soya instead of butter for the crumble mix and so so simple to replace.  yey.

Well, that's just made me all kinds of hungry!  My lunchtime salad is not going to cut it is it!  I think I am going to have to start making a big pot of some of these tonight for my lunches!

Which comfort food recipe is your favourite to have?  One of these take your eye, or your favourite own recipe?  Let us know in the comments and we can take a look.


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