Makers Month: Make it: Dream Catcher

Autumn is my favourite time of year and normally it brings a level of calm into my life after the hectic-ness of the summer months, but I'm not feeling it yet! I thought a touch of re-styling in my bedroom might help to create that calming sanctuary I am needing right now. I was looking at dream catchers and just couldn't find one that I liked, so DIY it was. I wanted something very monochrome and a bit more chic so I used touches of silver in mine, but you could use anything you have in your stash to create your own.

You will need:- an embroidery hoop, a fat quarter of fabric, some scraps of leather or leatherette, some string and twine, drawing pins, scissors, a needle and thread.

Step 1. Cut 2cm strips diagonally across your fat quarter.
Step 2. Starting at the screw, wrap the strips around the hoop.
Step 3. Leaving the end attached, twist it around to make a hanging loop.
Step 4. Securing it by wrapping it around the screw.
Step 5. Take the drawing pins and push them into the back of the hoop, try and use an even number of pins and that they line up on opposite sides of the hoop.
Step 6. Take your string and start looping it around the pins.

Step 7. Keep looping the thread until you get back to the start.
Step 8. Go back over some of the pins to fill in the centre of the dream catcher.
Step 9. Cut out some feather shapes from the leather scraps.
Step 10. Sew the feathers onto the lengths of string and twine.
Step 11. Tie the twine to the bottom of the hoop at different levels.
Step 12. Add in some lengths of plaited fabric and more twine to give an authentic look.

And there you  have it, a beautiful addition to any bedroom wall. You could easily make it in your own colour scheme to match your room, or in a friends fave colours to give as a gift. I love how the hint of metallic in this makes it sparkle in the light. 

I love the idea of making a bunch of smaller ones to hang alongside this one now, to make a little collection on my wall.  These would also be a great project to do with kids, you could experiment with making different patterns with the string and add loads of fun things to dangle down like beads and sequins.

What crafts are you looking forward to getting back into now the weather is turning colder? What DIY's do you have on your to do list for Autumn? Let us know in the comments below.

Sammy xxx

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