Makers Month: Food Round-up

Well, we couldn't leave the food out of Makers Month could we?!?  After all, we all need a bit of sustenance to keep us crafting and reading all these blog posts.

So I thought I would try and find some Dairy Free and just darn tasty treats to keep us going, seem as though the weather seems determined to just be drab and make us all want to hibernate and eat!

From the Top left is a recipe from Lucy Bee, these Smoked Salmon and Broccoli Muffins look amazing.  Lucy has her own range of Coconut oil and as the oil of choice at the moment and a great alternative to butter for those of us who need dairy free.  You can also get a free little recipe brochure so that you can start using coconut oil from their website.

Top right is another Jamie Oliver recipe, have you seen his new Super Food programme?  I feel its going to be a new like for me and the book Everyday Superfood may have to be purchased!  This squash dhal looks like a great way to mix up my dinnertime and have some leftover for work lunches too.

Bottom Left are the cupcakes I made for my youngest nieces 1st Birthday Party - yes I know, I made them - super proud.  I adapted a coffee cupcake recipe from Iced Jems and made Frozen style dairy free cupcakes with some help from some sprinkles from Sainsbury's.  I basically just left out the coffee and added some vanilla extract to the cupcakes and blue food colouring to the icing and also made them with gluten free flour.  They went pretty quickly so that must have been good.  I wonder if anyone noticed!

And lastly in the bottom right is this Mango and Passionfruit Coconut cake which I really want to try using my new dairy free best friend of Pure sunflower spread.  They also have an Olive oil version and Soya version, but I find this one is the best for cakes and for spreading on toast.  It's all about multi-purpose items when you need dairy free!  They have loads of recipes on this site too, so no excuses of not knowing what to make.

So, that's the food round-up for September.  Now just to get on with some baking and cooking.  I have been doing a fair bit of batch cooking at the moment as with the darker days, it's nice to come home and not have to prepare a whole meal.  Plus it makes it cheaper for me, always a bonus.

If you have any recipes I should try or have tried anything I have mentioned in the food round-up posts, do let us know in the comments, would love to hear how other people adapt or find them to make.

Off to go food shopping for all these ingredients now!
H, xxx

Note: Not all photographs are my own, from original websites linked unless stated.

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