Review: Upcycle by Rebecca Proctor

We love a good craft book here at Live it. Love it. Make it. HQ, and this month we were given Upcycle by Rebecca Proctor to review prior to it's release on the 10th August (so not long to wait!) and so we shall tell you what we thought!

The book itself is a firm hardback with matt thick pages, which is always a great thing as far as we are concerned.  It would look great on a coffee table aswell as for making all the projects!

The projects are new and different to alot of other books and it has an emphasis on up-cycling for the home using things that you may already have or can find very simply.  Including projects for shelving, chairs and lamps.  This Copper-pipe clothing rail is right off the pages of a New York apartment magazine spread.  Makes you want to go out and buy copper-pipe right!?

All of the projects have how-to pages after the beautiful pictures of what you can make - my only worry would be could you make it look as good as they do? ha ha.  Simple steps with photographs and drawings take you through each project clearly.

The great thing about the book is that there are some industrial pieces and more homely pieces to make.  From the difficult through to the quiet simple to do.  This means that there really is a project for everyone, no one should feel that they are not able to get one of them done.

This simple pallet shelf is a great example of this and so on trend at the moment - it also helps that H has been wanting these Nesting dolls for like, ever and so it just makes the project extra cute.

These crate stools are super easy and make a boring dull crate look so lovely for maybe an outdoor party!  You could add different coloured rope and spray paint the crates perhaps?

You may recognise this last project from the current Mollie Makes (Issue 56), It's so cute and has all the templates and takes you through all of the steps to make this cushion.  Breaking it down makes these things more simple and less scary to do, which always helps.

All in all, we loved the Upcycle book, some of the unusual projects would be more at home in perhaps an office space, but that's the beauty of the book, it suits all styles somewhere in the pages.  As we mentioned the feel and the look of the book really is beautiful and so it would make a great gift to get someone's inspiration going.  With H's new place, we think she may be tackling a few new projects soon.

We have just shown a few of the projects we like here, if you have the book, what's your favourite?  and if you have tackled that star cushion let us know in the comments below how you found making it.

H & Sammy

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