Food Glorious Food

Over June and into July I have had a few friends over and so I have been trying a few new recipes and so I thought I would share them with you.

These are not my photos and so I cannot take any of that credit, but I can say that they are definitely tried and tested.

First up is a recipe that my friend cooked up for me yesterday morning, always good to have a great cook around the place and we added extra blueberries to this easy 2 ingredient recipe, I found this similar one from the Top with Cinnamon blog.  Very yummy and a great way to start a Sunday, dairy and gluten free.

Next, something which has changed a few of my friends opinion about Quinoa.  This really simple Quinoa, lentil and feta salad from the BBC good food website is super easy to make and I made such a big batch, it kept me going for lunch most of the week too!

and, lastly for today's post is this dairy free Eton Mess recipe, I mean, summer is all about Eton Mess and being as I cannot have cream it's all about finding other ways to enjoy it without suffering.  This recipe from the Lick my Spoon blog is very yummy and curbs those Eton Mess cravings.

Time for lunch methinks, these posts always make me crave food.  Hopefully that has given you some fun things to try.  What's your favourite recipes?  Let us know in the comments below.


Note: Photos are not our own, taken from individually linked websites.

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