Barcelona 'Must Visit' List

As you may have seen H mention we are off to Barcelona in just over a week and we could not be more excited. It has been a whopping 14 years since we were there last on the college trip that made us both fall in love with the city. We are looking forward to visiting all the places we remember so fondly and discovering a load of new favourites too.

As well as the usual places like Trip Advisor and Time Out Sammy has fallen in love with an app for her iPad called Triposo which has been brilliant for finding great places to visit, viewing them on the map and reading reviews.

One of the first places we want to head back to is Gaudi's Park Guell it is a place we both feel we missed a lot of when we visited back when we were at college. Probably because we were a little hungover (drink responsibly kids!) but we can't wait to go back with our cameras and really take it all in. A place we didn't get to see before was the The  CosmoCaixa Science Museum and we have heard so many people talk about it as being a really great place to go, we are putting it at the top of our list.

We found this cute sweet shop Papabubble where you can watch them make the sweets right in front of you (don't tell my dentist) we will be visiting this place for sure. Then there is all that food, the famous Food Market is sure to be a feast for our eyes as well as our tummies.

After visiting the food market we are going to want to eat our body weight in tasty treats so we will be checking out Milk Restaurant for Brunch, going for lunch at Picnic, heading to Rita Blue for cocktails
with dinner, Just because it looks like fun at Flash Flash.

If we can move after all that food (it will be a miracle) we will be hanging out by the beach, visiting The Sagrada Familia, gazing adoringly at most of Gaudi's other amazing creations and enjoying strolling along the Ramblas.

As you can see we have more than a few places on our 'must visit' lists already but we would love to know if any of you have been and what you thought? We would love some more recommendations?

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Sammy and H

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